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David Myers
Nimmitabel 1862


Submitted by Colleen Levett, <cailinluibheid-at-hotmail.com>


In the Nimmitabel book re Myers, it states that the monument for David and Elizabeth is in the cemetery, it isn't, it is actually out on the property that was once "One Tree Hill", just in case anyone is looking for it. The Haylock family now own that land (or did when we put the monument there in early 1990's) and if folk are interested in the site of the graves, they would be the best folk to contact with regards to this.

Colleen Levett <cailinluibheid-at-hotmail.com> 14.04.10



David Myers was born in 1803, Yeadon in the West Riding of Yorkshire. He was the son of Samuel and Nancy nee Wilson.

In 1828 he married Elizabeth b1807 the daughter of Richard and Maria (pronounced Moriah) Berry of Kirkheaton. They had eleven children, one, Phoebe died before the family sailed for Australia, another was born on the ship coming out.  (On board the "Thetis" in 1848)


When the family, which consisted of six children at the time, arrived in Australia, David, who had been a clothier  in Yeadon, set up business once again as a clothier in Botany where he resided. The family worked as shepherds for William Bradly.  It has been said that William his youngest son, learnt to read and do sums whilst tending to the sheep. I believe that there were no fences to contain the sheep then, however, I have seen the remains of rock-wall fencing on the property similar to those to be found in Yorkshire today.


When selection was introduced, David and his family selected part of William Bradley's property called "One Tree Hill", a few miles out from Nimmitabel on the road to Cooma.   His son Samuel bought land on the opposite side of the road and like others in the area, proceeded to become sheep and wool growers. Another son, Thompson became a carrier, and after a while, he married and moved to Tumut. Paul, the second eldest son married and stayed in the district, taking up land out at Tuross.




PHOEBE born 1830 deceased child


SAMUEL born 1831 Yeadon died 1905 married 1856 Aust. ANN McKAY,  they had eleven children:

Alice b1857 d1951 married 1881 James H. Brown. Some years later, Alice who resided in

Campbelltown was given the key to that city.  They had two sons, Cyril and Cecil.


Emily b1859 dc1900


Walter b1860 d1860e


Kenrick William b1876.


ANN born 1833 Yeadon died 1890 married 1853 William Hardaker. They had nine children:


Herbert b1854 d1901 married 1882 Mary J. Gordon and had three daughters. Alice, Ethel and Alicia M.


Alfred b1856 d19211 married 1883 Martha A. Hyde and had five children. Daisy, Harold, Idonia, Ivy A.

and Walter G.


Henry James b1859 d1936 married 1880Emily Johnson d1890 and had six children with her. Arthur W.

Bertie H., Mabel E., Edwin E., male child dec. and William J.F.

Henry married a second time, this time to his cousin Elizabeth Scott who was only 17

years old. They had eight children. Rebecca M, Oliver W, I, Isobel A, Gladys

and a twin deceased, Lorna E and Leslie H.


Arthur W. b1862 d1945 married 1886 Alice Johnson and had eight children. Miriam H, Norman H,

Daphne M, Flossie B, Ada E.E, Myrtle P, Enid A.A and Richard.


Ernest S. b1864 d1949 married 1895 Lydia Race, they had two children, Arthur H. and Dorrie R.


Charles A. b1866 d1946 married 1893 Harriet R. Dent and had four children. Edna R, Gwen, Wilfred C.

and Herbert W.C.


Ada M. b1869 d1942 married 1888 Mephiboseth Johnson  and had four children, Cora M, Walter, Bertha

and Herbert.


Benjamin T. b1872 d1939 married 1904 Ada  Underhill and had two children, Mavis B. and Claude E.


George A. b1876 d1927 married 1910 Mary B. Orchard, they had one child, Marjory.


EMMA born 1836 Yeadon d1906 married 1857 Alfred  Frederick Goodsell Payne b1835 d1891, they had ten


Annie Elizabeth b1859 d1938 married 1877 Lewis Shannon (Mayor of Cooma) b1850 d1924. They had

four children, Emma, Edith Linda, Beatrice V , Albert E.


Lucy b1860 married 1881 George Butler and had four children, James A,  Isobe A, Leo R. and Harry W


Maria b1863 married 1882 Robert Pollock (aka Snodgrass) b1855 and had four children, Albert E.

Harold C, Leslie and Stan.


William b1865 married 1901 Louisa A. Arnold and had two sons, Stan and Leslie.


Eliza b1868 d1945 married 1888 David Jeffrey (Mayor of Cooma) d1936 and had two children, Florence

and Murial.


David  James b1870 d1940 married 1893 Caroline Ada Norris b1867 d1934  and had four children,

Harold A, Isobel, Lucy and Ina.


Ellen (aka Eleanor) b1872 d1944 married 1891 Alfred J. Norris b1865 d1936 and had five children,

Isobel Lucy, Harry A.  Maude E.  Beatrice E. V., Stanley W. M.


Emma Cella b1880 d1944 married 1904 Joseph Turnbull b1881 d1942 (Vict) and had four children,

Eric C.,  Leslie C., Kenneth W. and Lawrence J.


MARIA b1838 d1925 married 1862 John Henry Morgan b1835, they had three children:

Eleanor b1867 d1954 #

Deborah b1869 d1872#

Trevor b1873 d1946 married 1902 Phoebe G. Brasington and had three children, Miriam, male dec. at

birth (1906) and Vera.


PAUL b1840 Yeadon d1933 married 1894 Eliza Triggell b1868 d1951, they had four children:

Thomas Leslie b1895 d1975 married 1922 Maria Myers and had three children, Ruby Pauline,

Alan Leslie and Noel Thomas.

Ann Eliza b1897 d in childbirth, married 1919 William J. Bodycott and had two children, Frank and

dec. infant

Charles Ernest b1901 d1970 married #1 1930 Louisa E. Holmes, nee Myers, married #2 1963 Ada

Furner, no issue to either marriage.

Daniel Paul infant death d1904


THOMPSON b1845 Yeadon d1930 married 1880 Ellen Mulhearn b1861 d1928, they had seventeen children:

Trevor b1881 d1948 married 1906 Ada Triggell b1883 d1964, they had five children, Una, Edgar,

Florence, Ada and Edley.

Ada b1882 d1975 married 1906 William Turner d1937 , they had four children, Sydney, Jessie, George

and Myrtle.

Rebecca b1883 d1934 married 1902 Alfred Arthur Smith b1877, they had eight children, Edward

Arthur, Charles and Elcie (twins)  Mary Jane, Harold, Norman, William and Frank.

Albert b1884 d1958 married Isobel Campbell.   No issue.

Henry b1885 d1959 married Helen M. Campbell, they had four children, Isobel, Leo, Colin and Alick.

Edward b1886 d1982 married 1920 Helen M. Hamilton, they had four children, Lillian, Robert, Jean

and Edward.

Maria b1888 d 1962 married 1922 Thomas Leslie Myers b1895 d 1975, they had three children, Ruby,

Alan and Noel.

Mary J. b1889 d? never married.

Ellen b1891 d?  married a Dr. Miller who was a widower.

Elizabeth b1893 d? married ? Stedman who was a widower.

Emma b1895 d1987 married Arthur Hides and had two children, Edith Joan and Patricia.

Jessie (twin) b1895 d1984 married 1916 George Russell b1885, they had four children, Chrissie M.,

David W., Clifford and Joy.

Lillian b1897 d1903 #

Ivy b1898 d?  was matron at Tumbarumba Hospital.

Thompson b1899 d1991 married Enid Paul and had two children, Pamela and Natalie.

Louise 1901 d?

Christine Maude b1903 d1923.


JOHN CASS b1848 (on board the "Thetis") d1926 married 1869 Sarah Wakeling b1850, they had eight


Harriet b1870 married Jack Mulack and had eight children, Jack, Leslie, Ernest, George, Harriet,

Katherine, Ethel and Dulcie.

Arthur Benjamin b1872

Marie b1876 married C. Lutton, they had a daughter.

Martha Ellen b1880 married Frank White #

Walter b1882 married May Zenner, they had five children, Walter, Violet, Marie, Arthur and Roy.

Mabel Edith b1885 d1952 married 1910 Charles Havelock Read b1884 d1933, they had two children,

Henry E. and John H.

Henry F.J. b1887

George E. b1890 d1891

Emma L. b1893


JOSEPH b1850 d1922 married 1874 Mary Holmes, they had five children:

Alice b1875 married 1897 James Maples and had five children, Ida, Victor, Mona, Florence and


Elizabeth b1877 d1921#

William b1880 d1925 married 1912 Annie Campbell and had three children, Mary, Dora and John.

Louisa Ellen b1882 d1960 married #1 William Holmes#  married #2 1930 Charles E. Myers b1901


Paul Robert b1891 d1903


WILLIAM b1853 d1940 married 1882 Sarah Triggell b1861 d1950, they had eight children:

Gilbert T. b1884 d1944 married 1910 Eva J. Kelly b1880 d1950 and had five children, Leo, Cecil,

Gilbert T., Dorothy and Kathleen.

Charles E. b1885 d1968 married Hazel Hoy#

Lillian b1886 d1960#

Emma b1888 d1983

George H. b1890 d1968 married Gladys Bryant, they had one daughter, Roselyn.

Mary Eliza Ellen b1892 married 1917 Harry Wedd and had five children, William, Charles, Cyril,

Joyce and George.

Oswald C. b1896 d1906#

Eric S. b1900 d1974 married 1927 Ruby L.J. Riches and had four children, William, Stanley, Elsie and


Randolph b1910 d1989 married Barbara Hanning and had one daughter, Dorothy.

(Randolph was actually a grandchild reared by William and Sarah as their own child).


MARY b1853 (twin) d1877 married 1874 David Scott b1852 Scotland, d1927, they had two children:

Elizabeth b1875 married 1892 Henry J. Hardaker b1859, they had seven children, Rebecca,

Oliver, Dorothy, Isabel, Gladys and twin who died, Lorna and Leslie.

William b1877 ?d1877.

Submitted by Colleen Levett, <cailinluibheid-at-hotmail.com> 10.07.06

David, Elizabeth and small family set sail on board the "Thetis", arriving in Sydney in May 1848, not to know that in the 1850's the woollen trade in Yorkshire would once again flourish. David was born in 1803 and Elizabeth, nee Berry, was born in 1807, both from Yeadon, Yorkshire.

David and Elizabeth had six of their seven born children on that epic journey (Pheobe was deceased), all were listed as being able to read and write. They were to become parents once again during the voyage, and this child they named John Cass, after the ship's captain.

A further three children were born in this new land, the latter two being twins, William and Mary born in 1853.

David settled in Botany in Sydney's Cumberland Shire, where he set himself up as a clothier for some years prior to moving south to the Monaro in 1860 where he and his family worked as shepherds for William Bradley before taking up selection of a property known as "One Tree Hill" which is situated between Cooma and Nimmitabel, near to the present 25kms to Cooma mark.

David went on farming "One Tree Hill" with the help of his family and it was reputed to be one of the best sheep farming properties around in those days.

Descendants of David Myers

Colleen Levett <cailinluibheid-at-hotmail.com> 22.11.06

Recompiled from the new Monaro Pioneers database: 20.08.08


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