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The Monaro Pioneers :
http://www.monaropioneers,com is a history website featuring well over 2100 Pioneer Families. The information is provided by descendents, other interested historians and relevant publications. It is compiled and monitored by a group of very dedicated historians.

Ian Harvey maintains the genealogical data base and manages the website; many other volunteers help out with research and transcriptions etc.

On the site we often include the variations in dates and spellings that seem to be an inevitable part of family history research but will gladly update any page on the site when more accurate information comes to hand. We welcome all contributions with additional information, corrections or photos.
We often provide contact information so that you can contact other contributors directly.
The Monaro Pioneers Newsletter is published regularly and is emailed to over 800 readers. It contains news about coming events and current projects, website updates and correspondence and is an alternative forum for the exchange of family history information. David Knox is the editor of the Newsletter so please contact David if you wish to subscribe (Free).
We experience great pleasure in working on the site, and hope you enjoy it too. We look forward to your contributions and involvement. Happy Hunting.

This site has become a very important reference for people researching any aspect of the Eden/Monaro Region.
Please contribute anything you have about your family or about the Monaro. Your material will not be used anywhere else by us.
If you have an established web site about your family, or any relevant aspects of Australian History, we would be very keen to link to that material.


If you wish to know more about a family or subject described on the site, please contact the contributor in the first instance. If this is unsuccessful contact Ian with genealogical questions or corrections and additions. 



Ian Harvey now maintains the new Monaro Pioneers Genealogical Database.

The new database currently resides on Ian's computer system, and he uses the Legacy software program to manage it.  Ian is dedicated to this project and gives gladly of his time and energy to the site.   

To submit new, additional genealogical information or alterations to the family trees please contact Ian.

Our order of preference for the format of genealogical material for submission is
1. Gedcom Files,
2. Text or Word reports,
3. Pdf (They may be published as a pdf, so they shouldn't have any reference to the living),
4. Reports from programs (we usually get them open if we have to, especially if we are told what they are generated from), I prefer photos/graphics etc to be sent separate as .jpg or .tiff files. If you have problems with this let me know. Snail mail gets a very low preference as I can't type fast enough.


Contact Ian if you wish to make contributions in the form of Historical Text, Historical Documents or Photos for publication to the site.

HISTORICAL TEXT - Our order of preference for the format of submission material is:
1. Word .doc documents
2. Text .txt documents
3. Pdf (They may be publish as a pdf, so they shouldn't have any reference to the living)
4. Printed material in good condition suitable for OCR
5. Reports from programs (we usually get them open if we have to especially if we are told what they are generated from).
6. Snail mail gets a very low preference as I can't type very well.

I prefer photos to be sent separate as .jpg files, graphics as .tiff files. 
Not within a word document or other files.
Attach no more than four pics to an email.
Scan the material at least 100%, larger for smaller photos.
Also they should be a minimum of 150dpi if possible.
Put a brief description in the file name, and what you want as the caption in the email.
I don't mind scanning photos that are sent by mail.
If you have problems with this let me know.


    Publisher -  David Knox

"David's interest in the Monaro rests with his mother’s family and the “Duster Orphans”. Places of interest are Twofold Bay, the Kamaruka Estate, Craigie, Bombala, Bega.  He resides in Sydney’s north western suburbs, and is employed full time and breeds Collies in his spare time."

David's job is to collate emails and other information into a newsletter.  He then has the daunting job of emailing them to 800+ subscribers, most of whom have contributed to the website. 

Please email David if you wish to be added to the newsletter distribution list.


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