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Andrew Stewart
Archy's Flat c.1839


 Descendants of Mr Andrew Stewart and Miss Margaret Cameron
Submitted by Michelle Douch, <michellebray2-at-bigpond-com>

1. Mr Andrew1 Stewart, died 1859. He married Miss Margaret Cameron, died 7 Jul 1885 in "Tyrvine", Cathcart, NSW, buried in "Turvin" property, Cathcart, NSW.

Notes for Mr Andrew Stewart
Book: Bygone Days of Cathcart

page 232
In the year 1838, a large number of people immigrated to Australia from the neighbourhood of Kingussie, Scotland. This area was part of the vast Gordon Estates presided over by the Duke of Gordon. I have read where the Gordon Estates stretched from the eastern Scottish coastline to the western coast. Economically, things were quite difficult at this time and it is suggested that the possibility of extreme hardship prompted Andrew Stewart, aged 33 in June 1838, and his wife Margaret (nee Cameron), aged 28 in September or October 1837, to book a passage on the "St George" to Australia. They had four children, John, 5 years on 12th May 1838; Henry, 4 years on 9th September 1838; Allan aged about 2 years (he died on the passage) and Bill, about 6 months, born 7th March 1838.

The voyage was long and tiresome taking some five months to arrive in Sydney on 15th November 1838.

The family arrived at Eden by boat about 1839 and it is believed they were influenced to come to the Monaro. They walked from Eden up the Big Jack Mountain to Cathcart and "stayed" at the Dragon Inn with Mr Hibbard. They then went to Archy's Flat to work as shephers for Mr Hibbard. About 1844, they selected land and called their property "Turvin". The property was situated 1.5 miles from Burnima Station, the river forming the boundary, and having an area of about 2,000 acres.

The Stewarts settled, built a house and reared a family of six sons and one daughter.

It would appear that Andrew and a William Waterson who owned or selected "Tyrvine" entered into a partnership and the two properties were worked as one. A list of runs on Monaro compiled in 1846 shows only one run called "Jewine" or "Turvin" of 4,000 acres. The partnership was active in 1856 as Portions 19 and 20 totalling 325 acres were applied for as a pre-emptive puchase by Messrs Stewart and Watersonin right of their licenced run "Jewine". The partnership eventually broke up, some say after an argument over the cutting up of a beast. However, Andrew bought Waterson out and thus acquired about 4,000 acres.

Andrew and Margaret also acquired land at Cathcart which was known as the "Dragon Swamp" area. The areas acquired were:

Hillstead about 2,000 acres
Taylor Paddock about 300 acres
Fairview about 2,000 acres
Mt Marshall about 1,000 acres
Beresford about 300 acres

These areas are approximate only and more details will be supplied later.

Andrew Stewart died 7th March, 1859 at "Tyrvine" of a disease of the bladder. He was buried on the old "Turvin" property a short distance from their first dwelling. Andrew and Margaret had commenced to build a new house of considerable size, but Andrew died with only the foundations being built.

The family had increased by his death, descendants being John 26, Henry 24, Sarah 18, Archer or Archibald 16, Robert and Andrew (twins) 13 and Angus 5. Allan died on the voyage to Australia and there is no record of Bell who was 6 months old when they left Scotland. Also Margaret born 1850, died 1857.

Margaret and her children continued to run the properties with the Cathcart areas mainly running cattle and hoses whilst at Tyrvine sheep were grazed. The country was mainly unfenced and shepherds took charge of the sheep from the sheep folds every morning and graze them on different parts of the property throughout the day, returning to the sheepfold at sunset. This was done to protect the sheep from wild dogs and dingoes. The shepherds kept watch each night from a watchbox. This was constructed of wood, like a hut or small dwelling with 4 handles so it could be transported to another sheepfold when necessary. To make the structure waterproof, a bullock's hide was stretched over the top and these watchboxes could accommodate two men.

In these times, sheep were washed before shearing to clean the wool. Because of the labour involved, the Twofold Bay Whalers would arrive after whaling season had finished about September, and sheep washing and shearing would begin. The main reason for washing was the wool realised a higher price and also they were easier to shear. The washed sheep were kept in clean folds each night to prevent dirt and dust entering their wool. The blade shearers would then shear the sheep and the wool was consigned to Boyd Town for shipping to market.

page 236
The Stewart families continued to prosper both at Tyrvine and Cathcart, and appeared to consolidate the country Margaret and her family selected and bought. However, after the death of all Margaret's children, through wills, preperty subdivision and economic depressions, the holdings were gradually eroded away. So much so that currently the only descendants of Andrew and Margaret to hold land selected by them are Jock, Athol and Don Stewart and their sister Nancy Lee. The respective blocks are Glendon, a portion of Fairview owned by Don and Athol, and The Yellow Waterhole formerly portion of Mt Marshall.

page 237
As the gradual break-up of the Stewart properties was taking place, the families were spreading near and far, with many making their way to Sydney, Bega, Bairnsdale, Canberra and indeed all points of the compass. Their occupation ranged from rural pursuits, bank managers, boarding house proprietors, butchers and a host of other careers and occupations. Olive (nee Stewart) and Frank Bowey operated a boarding house in Phillip Street, Sydney, called Trenton House which was under their management until just after World War 11.

The Stewart family had their descendants almost to a man had a passionate love of horses with nothing pleasing them more than casting an eye over a fine colt or well-bred filly or more. There is a tale that Robert Stewart sacked an employee for allowing a bird to deposit on a beautifully maintained harness on his sulkie. In more recent times, Don Stewart had a very successful racehorse called "Scotch Tom" (named after his father Thomas Charles Stewart or "Scotchy" as he was known). Scotch Tom won three Bega Cups along with many other races both locally, Canberra and Sydney.

I always feel disappointed that Scotchy Stewart did not see his namesake win a major race as he had a lifelong desire to win the Bega Cup. Indeed on his 80th birthday he rode a horse in the streets of Bombala. I can remember hearing Scotchy blame this love for horses, both fast and slow, for the ultimate decline of the Stewart properties and the prosperity which some of his relations had.

Children of Mr Andrew Stewart and Miss Margaret Cameron were as follows:
+ 2 i Mr Angus2 Stewart. He married (1) Miss Honora Neylan; (2) Miss Honora Neylan.
3 ii Mr John2 Stewart, died 5 Dec 1898. He married Miss Unknown Heffernan. Notes: Book: Bygone Days of Cathcart page 236 John Stewart was a sheep farmer at "Tyrvine" at the time of his death.
4 iii Miss Sarah2 Stewart, died 1891. She married Mr William John Douch, born 1839 in at Sea, son of Mr John Douch and Miss Jane Foot.
+ 5 iv Mr Archibald2 Stewart, born 16 Oct 1836; died 16 Apr 1919; buried in Cathcart, NSW. He married Miss Grace Moreing.
6 v Mr Robert2 Stewart, died 27 Aug 1891. He married Miss Unknown Murphy. Notes: Book: Bygone Days of Cathcart page 236 Robert was described as a grazier of Mount Marshall.
+ 7 vi Mr Andrew2 Stewart, born 1846 in Archer's Flat, NSW; died 31 Dec 1920 in "Tyrvine", Bibbenluke, NSW; buried in Prebyterian Cemetery, Bombala, NSW. He married Miss Mary McNee.
8 vii Miss Isabella2 Stewart.
9 viii Mr Henry2 Stewart, died 22 Oct 1882. He married Miss Ellen McNee. Notes: Book: Bygone Days of Cathcart page 236 Henry Stewart was a storekeeper in Bombala at the time of his death.

Generation 2

2. Mr Angus2 Stewart (Andrew1). He married (1) Miss Honora Neylan, died 11th June 1929 in Eden Street, Cathcart, NSW, buried 13th June 1929 in Bombala Cemetery, NSW, daughter of Mr Francis Neylan and Miss Mary Malone; (2) Miss Honora Neylan, died 11th June 1929 in Eden Street, Cathcart, NSW, buried 13th June 1929 in Bombala Cemetery, NSW, daughter of Mr Francis Neylan and Miss Mary Malone.

Notes for Mr Angus Stewart
Book: Bygone Days of Cathcart

page 236
Angus was Poundkeeper and Herdsman at Cathcart. He also owned the Post Office and a business beside the Post Office, where he had a gun shop selling bullets, cartridges and rifles. The shop caught fire and the explosion was described as a "Ship at War".

Children of Mr Angus Stewart and Miss Honora Neylan were as follows:
+ 10 i Miss Margaret Elizabeth3 Stewart, died 11 Jun 1962 in Pambula Hospital, NSW, buried in Pambula Cemetery, NSW. She married Mr Lindon Latimer Thomas.
11 ii Mr Montague3 Stewart. Notes: page 50 20/3/1925 Mr Monty Stewart, son of Mr and Mrs Angus Stewart, of Cathcart, has been transferred from Nimbin to Taralga Post Office, near Goulburn. page 56 4/9/1925 Mr and Mrs M T Stewart were tendered a farewell in the School of Arts, Nimbin recently, where Mr Stewart has been Postmaster for the past four years. Mr Stewart is the son of Mr and Mrs Angus Stewart, of Cathcart, and has been promoted from Nimben to Taralga.

Children of Mr Angus Stewart and Miss Honora Neylan were as follows:
+ 12 i Mr Basil3 Stewart. He married Miss Vida Moreing.

5. Mr Archibald2 Stewart (Andrew1), born 16 Oct 1836; died 16 Apr 1919; buried in Cathcart, NSW. He married on 27 Jun 1877 Miss Grace Moreing, born 21 Feb 1858; died 21 Jun 1948, daughter of Mr Thomas Moreing and Miss Sarah Emma Curtis.

Notes for Mr Archibald Stewart
Book: Bygone Days of Cathcart

page 236
Archibald lived at "Fairvew" and is buried at Cathcart with his son, Cameron, who died during World War 1 in France.

page 238
In closing I would like to relate two yarns, one which I heard many times as a child and the other by courtesy of Noel Stewart, who gave me a wealth of information on the early history of the Stewarts.

The first story is set at Fairview one Christmas with Archibald, his wife and a large number of their children. Archibald was a very stout man and indeed had a concave section at the head of the table cut out to enable him to sit close to the table and food. The family was seated and a huge turkey was placed on the table for Archibald to carve. He commenced by asking the children what piece of the turkey they would like and invariably they replied "I'll have a leg please, Father". After he had asked some eight or ten children and received this reply he placed the carver and fork on the table and said "I'm not carving a certipede!"

Burnima Station had a 12-stand shearing shed, and prior to shearing there was two to three weeks work in preparation. It was not long before the appearance of roustabouts, shed hands and musters at the huts that a cook was to begin his duties. At the time Burnima had a Chinese cook called Wiley, originally from Canton.

On the first night to make a good beginning with the mess, Wiley had made a large pie. As soon as the pie had disappeared before healthy appetites, expressions of appreciation came from all hands.

"A good pie, Wiley"
"Make us another pie tomorrow night"
"Bonser pie, Wiley"
Back came Wiley's reply.
"No, no - no can make pie"
"By Cli (Christ) no - no"
"Why Wiley? came the question in unison.
"No more puppy, no more pie" said Wiley.

There was stunned silence. One of the boundary riders went to the door and looked out. Woollett's sheep dog bitch was on the chain, howling for her lost pups.

Immediate pandemonia! Some of the characters were trying to be sick while other wanted to lynch Wiley. Once bright spark flew onto a horse and galloped a mile to the station to report. WT Edwards had to come in his buggy to take Wiley away in bewilderment!

Children of Mr Archibald Stewart and Miss Grace Moreing were as follows:
+ 13 i Mr Thomas Charles (Scotchy)3 Stewart, born 1 Apr 1878. He married Miss Emily Lynder (Millie) Gerathy.
14 ii Mr Clyde3 Stewart.
15 iii Mr Llewellyn3 Stewart.
16 iv Miss Olive3 Stewart.
17 v Mr Ild3 Stewart.
18 vi Mr Cameron3 Stewart. Notes: Book: Bygone Days of Cathcart page 236 Cameron was killed during World War 1 in France.
19 vii Mr Desmond3 Stewart.
20 viii Mr Walter3 Stewart.
21 ix Mr Wallace3 Stewart.

7. Mr Andrew2 Stewart (Andrew1), born 1846 in Archer's Flat, NSW; died 31 Dec 1920 in "Tyrvine", Bibbenluke, NSW; buried in Prebyterian Cemetery, Bombala, NSW. He married Miss Mary McNee, born 1845; died 1926.

Notes for Mr Andrew Stewart
BDM Bombala Times 1921-1925

page 1
Mr Andrew Stewart, of Tyrvine, Bibbenluke, died suddenly at his home on New Years morning, aged 73 years. A native of Manero, he had lived here all his life, a fine character, bluff but good natured, a keen lover of horse flesh, he rarely missed a show or race meeting. A widow, two daughters and son are left to mourn. The funeral on Saturday was largely attended, the internment being made in the Presbyterian Cemetery, Bombala.

BDM Bombala Times 1921-1925

page 2
Probatee Jurisdiction-In the Will of Andrew Stewart late of Tyrvine, near Bombala, NSW, Grazier. Deceased. Probate granted to Andrew Stirling Stewart, Andrew William Garnock, and James Clarence McNee, three of the Executors named in the will. Alexander McKeachie the other Executor named having renounced Probate thereof. F.C. Boys.

Children of Mr Andrew Stewart and Miss Mary McNee were as follows:
+ 22 i Mr Andrew Stirling3 Stewart, born 29 Dec 1888. He married Miss Winnifred Joan Cox.

Generation 3

10. Miss Margaret Elizabeth3 Stewart (Angus2, Andrew1), died 11 Jun 1962 in Pambula Hospital, NSW, buried in Pambula Cemetery, NSW. She married on 15 Feb 1906 in the Bride's parents home, Bibbenluke, NSW Mr Lindon Latimer Thomas, born 8 Aug 1878 in "Moore Springs" Bibenluke, NSW; died 13 Sep 1958 in Pambula Hospital, NSW; buried in Pambula Cemetery, NSW, son of Mr John Henry Thomas and Miss Clara H Bennett.

Notes for Miss Margaret Elizabeth Stewart
Owen Thomas was Best Man

Children of Miss Margaret Elizabeth Stewart and Mr Lindon Latimer Thomas were as follows:
+ 23 i Miss Stella Mary4 Thomas, born 22nd May 1910 in Mrs Beddingfields Private Hospital, Bombala, NSW. She married Mr James Henry Brown.

12. Mr Basil3 Stewart (Angus2, Andrew1). He married in Sep 1922 in the Bride's parents home. Miss Vida Moreing, daughter of Mr Thomas Moreing and Miss Ada Murphy.

Children of Mr Basil Stewart and Miss Vida Moreing were as follows:
24 i Miss Maureen4 Stewart. She married Mr Michael Segbour.
25 ii Mr Allen4 Stewart.

13. Mr Thomas Charles (Scotchy)3 Stewart (Archibald2, Andrew1), born 1 Apr 1878. He married Miss Emily Lynder (Millie) Gerathy.

Notes for Mr Thomas Charles (Scotchy) Stewart
Book: Bygone Days of Cathcart

page 237
This short history of the Stewart's would perhaps not be complete without a biography of Thomas Charles Stewart who was born on 1st April, 1878. He was reared at Fairvew being the eldest child of Archibald's second family. His schooling was at Cathcart where we assume the 3 R's would have been the main subjects taught. As a young man he journeyed to Queensland where he worked on diary farms for a number of years. On his return to Cathcart he noticed his father had a number of prime bullocks at Fairview. He told Archibald that before leaving Queensland he attended cattle sales where similiar bullocks were almost unsaleable and suggested he sell them immediately. Archibald scoffed at this advice but Scotchy was right and the market collapsed and the bullocks were shot in the paddock as they would not make the freight to the saleyards.

Scotchy was a late starter in the marriage stakes, but eventually married Emily Lynder Gerathy also of Cathcart. Their marriage was a successful one producing three boys, Raymond Archibald, Athol Neville and Donald Charles, and one daughter, Nancy. When first married they lived at Mrylebrook, a property just south-west of Bombala. After a short time they moved to their house in Cardwell Street, Bombala, where both Scotchy and Millie ended their days.

Scotchy soon bought a butchery in Bombala which he sold and bought back again, and is still run by two of his sons. He is probably most remembered in the district through his livestock dealings, being never afraid to buy something that looked "worth the money". I remember one story where he puchased a large number of pigs at Pambula and decided to walk them to Victoria via Bendoc and Orbost to the stronger southern markets. However, upon arrival at Bendoc he was told there was an outbreak of swine fever in Victoria and no pigs were to cross the border. So back to Bega with the pigs and as you can imagine there was little profit in that deal.

Scotchy loved a yarn with anyonem particularly in his later years, so there were often unexpected guests for lunch or dinner. Late in life his eyesight failed and in his desire to strike up a conversation with people his opening line was "Do I know you?" This generally met with mixed success but amazingly it porduced conversation anywhere from a Sydney train to sitting on his front verandah in Cardwell Street.

Children of Mr Thomas Charles (Scotchy) Stewart and Miss Emily Lynder (Millie) Gerathy were as follows:
26 i Mr Raymond Archibald4 Stewart.
27 ii Mr Athol Neville4 Stewart.
28 iii Mr Donald Charles4 Stewart.
29 iv Miss Nancy4 Stewart.

22. Mr Andrew Stirling3 Stewart (Andrew2, Andrew1), born 29 Dec 1888. He married on 22 Mar 1922 Miss Winnifred Joan Cox.

Notes for Mr Andrew Stirling Stewart
Book: Bygone Days of Cathcart

page 239
Andrew inherited "Tyrvine".

In 1954 "Stirley" and son Noel sold "Tyrvine" to Mr Kevin Rolfe and purchased a property in the Gippsland area at Johnsonville, near Bairnsdale, from a Mr HJ Foley, where Noel has resided ever since.

Children of Mr Andrew Stirling Stewart and Miss Winnifred Joan Cox were as follows:
+ 30 i Mr Noel4 Stewart. He married Miss Patricia Kathleen Foley.
31 ii Miss Cynthia Joan4 Stewart.
32 iii Miss Barbara Maud4 Stewart.

Generation 4

23. Miss Stella Mary4 Thomas (Margaret Elizabeth3 Stewart, Angus2, Andrew1), born 22nd May 1910 in Mrs Beddingfields Private Hospital, Bombala, NSW. She married on 28 Feb 0042 in St Peters Catholic Church, Pambula, NSW Mr James Henry Brown, born 18 Mar 1902; died 18 Jun 1970 in Pambula, NSW; buried in Pambula Cemetery, NSW, son of Mr James Richard Brown and Miss Anne Maree Kauter.

Notes for Miss Stella Mary Thomas
Registration No: 12657

Stella was an only child.

Bridesmaid - Dorothy Edith Flannery
Best Man - George Vincent Brown

Children of Miss Stella Mary Thomas and Mr James Henry Brown were as follows:
+ 33 i Miss Sandra Maria5 Brown, born 16th January 1949. She married Mr Vincent James Bray.
+ 34 ii Miss Margaret Denise5 Brown, born 14 Apr 1944 in Pambula, NSW, Australia. She married (1) Mr Trevor David Ballantyne; (2) Mr John Kevin Liston.
35 iii Miss Annette Patricia (Netty)5 Brown, born 4 Mar 1952. Notes: Netty was never married as she suffered from Down Syndrome

30. Mr Noel4 Stewart (Andrew Stirling3, Andrew2, Andrew1). He married Miss Patricia Kathleen Foley.

Children of Mr Noel Stewart and Miss Patricia Kathleen Foley were as follows:
36 i Mr Martin5 Stewart.
37 ii Miss Jane5 Stewart.
38 iii Mr Jamie5 Stewart.

 Descendants of Andrew Stewart

Michelle Douch, <michellebray2-at-bigpond-com>

Ian Harvey <iansharvey-at-bigpond.com> 
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