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Richard Smith
Crankies Plains near Bombala c1855
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From: Jenny Cocks [cocksie-at-optusnet.com.au]
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I was idly doing some random google searches on one of my ancestors (Richard Felix Seymour) and came across the Monaropioneers website, cruised about a bit and found the Descendent Chart for Richard Smith born 1797 Battle Sussex.  I have some additional information on Richard and his wife Lucy which may, or may not, put a cat amongst the pigeon.  This is a summary of the info I have gathered over the past little while: 

Lucy Ransome m. Edward Piper 1 Dec 1818 Catsfield, Sussex, England (Sussex Marriage Index) botp.

This couple had the following children

Joseph Stephen Piper chr 18 Jan 1824 Catsfield, Sussex, England (IGI C02299-4)

Mehali Piper chr 7 Oct 1825 Catsfield, Sussex, England (IGI C02299-4)

Edward Piper died (am unable to find death as yet)

Lucy Piper (nee Ransome) m. Richard Smith 10 Jul 1827 Hollington, East Sussex (Sussex Marriage Index).  Lucy listed as a widow, Richard a bachelor, botp.

From this marriage onward it appears that the first two children Joseph Stephen and Mehali took their stepfather’s surname of Smith.

Lucy and Richard then had the further children listed on the Monaro project website and the entire family immigrated to Australia.

Just thought the above might be of interest (or maybe not) to all of the descendants of the first two children listed on the Monaro Webiste as children of Richard Smith

Jenny Cocks

Descendants of Richard Smith

Chris Randall <
Janice Matts <bvsmash-at-bigpond.net.au>  7.12.06
James Bruce <jrbruce68-at-yahoo.com.au>  13.03.07
Recompiled from the new Monaro Pioneers database: 10/02/08
with some additional information supplied by:
Kenneth Dunk [kenneth.dunk-at-hotmail.com] 13.03.09
Julie Connors <tigger_rwcompu-at-rw-computers.com.au> 19.05.09
Chris Randall [clrandall56-at-gmail.com] 13.08.11

Stephanie Rose Bray-Smith [stephanie_h_o_t-at-hotmail.com] 6.12.11


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