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Samuel and Lewis Shannon
Reid's Flat c1840


    Isaac Albert Shannon

SAMUEL SHANNON is associated with the beginning of Manaro's history. Before Cooma, even as a run, was in existence, he had a store at Reid's Flats. Later he joined in the settlement which was forming in what is now Cooma. In 1854 he was carrying on a general store in premises in Bombala Street, near the Reserve for the Roman Catholic Church, and in October, 1856, opened another store in Lambie Street, near where the footbridge is to-day. In December, 1857. having acquired the land on which Rolfe's Prince of Wales Hotel stands to-day, he erected thereon premises for which, under the name of the Victoria Hotel, he was granted a Publican's General License. He carried this on for some time, when it was transferred to Robert Barr, who had married his daughter. He owned land at the corner of Sharp and Bombala Streets, now occupied by John Mack. He left a number of children, the best known of whom is his third son, Isaac Albert, born in Cooma in 1848, and who, for many years following 1877, conducted a land agency business in Cooma. Mr. I. A. Shannon was Chairman of Directors of the Cooma Co-operative Flour Mill, when that business was operating, was a member of the first elected Council, and a one-time member of the Hospital Committee. He was for a lengthy term a member of the Cooma Licensing Bench. He sold out his interests an went to Sydney to live. He died a few years ago. Another son, Abraham, died in Queanbeyan in November last, aged about 85 years.

Transcribed by Pattrick Mould in 2003, from the book "Back to Coma' Celebrations" page 86


Descendants of Isaac Shannon and Hannah

John Richards <john.richards1954-at-bigpond.com> 19.06.06 

Jacquie Buttriss <jacquiebuttriss-at-yahoo.co.uk> 11.08.07
Jeannette Tsoulos <jjtsoulos-at-hotmail.com> 12.08.07 

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