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David Scarlett
1863, "Oakdale"


Hello Folks, 

Was digging through some old papers and found the attached clipping from the Cooma-Monaro Express” from Monday October 20, 1969. A couple of scans of the clipping are below. 

This clipping relates to the Scarlett family reunion that occurred at the Coolamatong Golf Club in October 1969.  I was just a 7 year old at this reunion although still have very fond memories of meeting lots of family members at this time. As previously mentioned, the only other Scarlett family reunion that I know of that has occurred in the Cooma area was about 20 years later in 1989.  (I’d reckon we are due for another one, assuming that I guess there is a core group of keen organisers!). 

Anyway, I thought you would be interested in the clippings . There were also other news coverage of this reunion (in the Sydney Daily Telegraph from recollection), and I have this clipping too somewhere…. (just not sure where), however when I dig it out I’ll send that to you as well. 

Cheers and thanks and hope to hear from any other descendants of David & Eliza Scarlett

 David Chapman-Kelly



Eliza Scarlett and girls

Descendants of David Scarlett

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