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William Scanes
Cooma c1861
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William and Eliza and all of their family migrated to Australia in 1855 as  "assisted immigrants". They sailed, on the 17th February 1855, from Southhampton aboard the ship "Constitution" and arrived at Port Jackson on the 27th May 1855, a 98 day voyage. During the trip there was an outbreak of smallpox, typhoid fever and erysipelas aboard and Eliza and thirteen others died as a result of the outbreak. Many more were to die before the ship was released from quarantine on the 13th July 1855. A monument was erected by the survivors at North Head Quarantine Station.

In a directory entry in 1858/9 a William Scanes is shown as a coachmaker, Victoria St., Paddington.
1870/71 Electoral Roll. Scanes, William - Victoria St., household. Paddington.  

1873/74 Electoral Roll. Scanes, William - Cooma.

1874/75 Electoral Roll. Scanes, William - Cooma.

Baptism: 14 August 1814, Ide near Exeter, Devonshire, England.

Burial: Christ Church, Church of England, Cooma NSW.

Cause of Death: Heart attack.

Occupation: Carpenter, coachmaker, wheelwright, blacksmith.



Burial: 17 May 1855, Buried at Sea.

Cause of Death: Erysipelas.



According to Winifred's death certificate she had lived in New South Wales for 59 years.

Burial: 27 April 1916, Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood NSW.

Cause of Death: Pneumonia.

Occupation: Domestic servant, Matron of Cooma Hospital.



The following is an extract from the book " Back to Cooma Celebrations " :-

William Matthew Norris came from Camden with teams in 1850, and resided on the Manaro till his death in 1913 at the age of 78. For a time he followed the occupation of a pit sawyer and assisted to cut timber for Cooma Hospital and many local buildings. From time to time he resided in different parts of the district, from Kiandra to Bombala, and selected land in various directions. A son, Mr. J. A. Norris, who conducts a local motor agency, is a well-known citizen, being connected with many public movements and institutions."

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