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James Rixon
c.1844 Cathcart
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Image supplied by Joye Walsh <joye_walsh-at-yahoo.com> 15.07.11

Amelia Ann Rixon & John Sweatman

John Hoare

Unique family group         published in The Leader 16th July 1910

Standing left to right: Mr Wm. Smith, "The Acacias" Tallandoon (V) aged 62 years;
Mr Matthew Smith, "Willow View" Tallandoon (V) aged 66 years;
Mr Charles Smith, "Tallandoon" Albury (NSW) aged 72 years.
Sitting left to right:
Mrs Elizabeth Rixon, "Ellerslie" Albury (NSW) aged 68 years,
Mrs Jessie Hore, “Mugwee House", Albury (NSW) aged 81 years;
Mrs Louis, Sydney NSW aged 70 years.

who died 21st Nov 1901
aged 17 years
Weep not, she is not dead

sleepeth. Luke VIII v52
who died 23rd Nov 1904 aged 69 years
Not thy will, but thine be done
Born 30th Oct 1874 died 21st March 1907
aged 33 years
died 12th April 1931
aged 88 years 10 months

Andrew Rixon and Elizabeth Eleanor Scammell

Rixons at Ingalara circa 1930
Elizabeth & Andrew, Alwyn (unknown couple with two children) Shirley, Doris

Andrew Rixon

Ossie Rixon with his covered cream truck

Towong Race track and Grandstand

Ossie Rixon with his horse

Border Morning Mail article - extract. The First Alps Crossing.

On February 24, 1948 four people and two jeeps set out for the 76- mile trip across the mountains from Towong Hill [8 miles from Corryong] to Charlotte Pass. They were Ossie Rixon & Bill Littlejohn in one jeep and Tom and Elyne Mitchell [renowned author of Silver Brumby and series] in another jeep. “This was the first time that the Alps have ever been crossed by motor transport and as far as we’re concerned, it was the last”, they reported.

Ossie and other men o’ the mountain


Molly Cunningham & Shirley Rixon

Doris May Rixon

Ossie Rixon, Norman and Beryl Rixon, Daisy Cadman

Corryong 8th Light Horse Regiment
Norman Rixon 2nd from right


Florence Rixon with her Aunt Lucy Scammell

Upper Towong School – Molly Rixon far right

Relating to James Rixon and Amelia’s triplets…..


“On the night of last Sunday fe’nnight Amelia Rixon, the wife of a private in the New South Wales Corps, was safely delivered of three infants, two of whom are living, and have a very promising appearance.”

This group won 1st place at Albury Fancy Dress in 1907

Back L to R: Gwen Howell, Vera McEachern, Irene Allen, Ruth Collins,
Winne Peacock, Ethel Millar,
Front L to R: Alice Frue, Florrie Prater, Ella Buff, Violet Joe, Ivy Sarah RIXON, Rita Bunton

Annie Rixon nee Farrell

Annie Rixon nee Farrell (left)
and Freida Rixon nee Farrell

Percival Stevenson Rixon - Boer War Attestation papers





L. to r.: Front row: 1. Ernest Scattergood, 2. Millicent Dilby, 3. Florrie Roberts,4. Lila Alexandra, 5. Lydia Scattergood, 6. Norma Rudd, 7. Mabel Scattergood;

2nd front row: 1. Daisy Scattergood, 2. Laurel Lundie, 3. Lily Florence Scattergood,

4. Gladys Rixon  5 & 6. Donald & Clive Scattergood;

Third row: 1. Harry Roberts, 2. Ron Corderoy, 3. Arthur Scattergood,

4. George Rixon  5. Albert Edward Scattergood, 6. George Scattergood;

Back row: 1 & 2 Irene & Violet Scattergood, 3. Edie Roberts, 4. Evelyn Platt, 5. Ruby Rixon  6. Eddie Eggelton: Teacher: Mrs Pratt

The above photos were supplied by Judy Richards [Judy.Richards-at-westnet.com.au]

Pearl Rose Elizabeth Rixon

Wedding of  Pearl Rose Elizabeth Rixon and Harry Gordon Heming
Ruby Heath nee Rixon Victoria McCulloch nee Rixon
Violet Reynolds nee Rixon George Percy Ronald Rixon

The above photos were supplied by Amanda Patridge  <mat_mandy-at-bigpond.com>



Wedding Photo of Norman Holroyd Benson and Eva Stuart Rixon in 19/10/1911.
 Front: Isabella Benson (nee Thew ), Norman Benson,  Eva Stuart Rixon,  sister Rixon
Standing: Agnes Rixon (nee Findlay), John Malcolm Rixon (1875), sister Rixon and William Rixon(1844). The sisters are supposed to be “Jessie and Ruby“ but not sure which way round

1935 Family Photo of Norman Benson and Eva Benson (nee Rixon) sitting, standing left to right-Frank Alexander Benson (1920-1943), Jean Stuart Benson (1913—2000) and Raymond Holroyd Benson (1917—2006).


The above 2 photos were supplied by Carolyn Stanford [stan-at-hwy.com.au]

Benjamin Rixon (1858-1950) and Eliza Ann Sleep
Back: Lucy Amelia [Amy], Bertie George [Bert]
Centre: Melinda Ann [Milly], Benjamin & Annie, Sidney Benjamin [Sid]
Front: Victor William [Vic], Selby John [Selby]

Photo supplied by Joye Walsh <joye_walsh-at-yahoo.com>


Crown & Anchor, Eden

The Crown & Anchor, built by James Rixon in the 1840’s, was the first Inn on the North Shore of Twofold Bay. It was the first substantial building in Eden, preceded only by slab and bark huts. As such, it commands spectacular sea views of Twofold Bay and the ocean as well as a very central and quiet location within five minutes walking distance of the wharf.

It has local stone foundations, still has the original shingles underneath the tin roof. The timbers were cut by hand and then split, and the exterior rendering contains local oyster shell. Inside rendering contains termite nest mud, the lathe and plaster ceilings bonded with cow hair, the doors were Australian red cedar. The foundation stone in the south wall marked ER 1850 is believed to refer to commemorate an occasion involving Elizabeth Rixon.

Family Hotel built 1859 - Bega

Family Hotel before 1900

Family Hotel with extensions in 1900

Family Hotel today - Museum

 Information and images supplied by Judy Richards [Judy.Richards-at-westnet.com.au] 29.01.10

Elizabeth Hoare nee Love and her daughter Ann Phibbs nee Hoare taken in 1865. The original of this photograph is in the care of Elizabeth Friederich who has kindly provided this image.

Bob & Elizabeth [friederich-at-grapevine.net.au]

The reverse side of the photo



Ann Phibb's grave nee Dunlaghan nee Rixon nee Hoare

Photo supplied by Joye Walsh [joye_walsh-at-yahoo.com] 15.04.10

The following photos were supplied by David Herbert [healgroupdavidherbert-at-gmail.com] 4.04.11

Martha Gladys Rixon nee Child with daughters Agnes and Peace  

Agnes Joan Herbert nee Rixon

   Agnes Joan Herbert nee Rixon 1960

Descendants of James Rixon

Ron Jacobs
<Ron.Jacobs-at-parliament-nsw-gov-au> and
Marianne Cashman
Ian Harvey <iansharvey-at-bigpond.com>  22.11.06, 28.11.06
Robyn Lanham <lanhamre-at-tpg.com.au> 7.12.06
Judy Richards <Judy.Richards-at-westnet.com.au>  12.03.07
Amanda Partridge <
mat_mandy-at-bigpond.com>  12.03.07
Recompiled from the new Monaro Pioneers database: 2.08.08
with additional information supplied by:

Carolyn Stanford
[stan-at-hwy.com.au] 27.07.08
Dave Hamilton [dave_bkk-at-hotmail.com] 3.01.09
Wendy Hammond <benwen-atispdr.net.au> 14.06.09

Joyce Morgan <jmorgan-at-bravo.net.au> 24.07.09
Joye Walsh
[joye_walsh-at-yahoo.com] 15.10.08, 8.10.09, 17.02.10, 28.04.10, 20.10.10

Judy Richards [Judy.Richards-at-westnet.com.au] 9.11.08, 13.11.08, 23.02.09, 22.07.09, 18.08.09. 5.11.09, 7.12.09, 21.01.10, 26.01.10, 4.03.10, 15.03.10, 27.05.10, 3.12.10, 15.12.10, 23.12.10, 7.02.11, 30.04.11, 23.05.11, 5.10.11, 3.11.11, 7.12.11, 1.02.12


Descendants Report



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