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 John Osmond
Blowering c1864


Stella Muriel Sybill Gibbes -- maiden name Osmond - photo was taken on the occasion of Stella's 100th birthday, at the Caroline Chisholm nursing home, in the Sydney suburb of Lane Cove. The two other ladies pictured with Stella in the photo are, left to right, Stella's oldest child, Sheila Mary Jamison Gibbes (1907-2002) and her youngest child, Mary Harrison (nee Gibbes), born 1929.
Photo supplied by Stephen Gibbes [fortgibbes-at-aapt.net.au]

Descendants of John Osmond

Stephen Gibbes <fortgibbes-at-aapt.net.au> 06.03.06, 26.03.06, 14.06.06, 11.07.06
Beryl Strang <jbanbj.strang-at-bigpond.com>  20.10.06
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