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Denis and Timothy O'Mara
Monaro 1839
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TIMOTHY O'MARA was born in Tipperary, Ireland, in 1823. He arrived at Sydney in 1839, and in June of that year went to Manaro, remaining there till his death on 22nd November, 1894. In 1843 he married Miss Ellen Russell, a native of Ireland and a passenger with him on the ship that brought them both to Australia. In 1848 George Garnock was gazetted as an applicant for Mount Pleasant Run of 6,500 acres, and the property of this name was acquired by Mr. O'Mara, in 1857. Mr. O'Mara's fifth daughter married in 1882 Mr. J. J. Devereux, one of Manaro's pioneers.

Transcribed by Pattrick Mould in 2003, from the book "Back to Cooma' Celebrations" page 84

O'Mara grave, courtesy of Ken Shiels.

Graves at Nimmitabel of Denis and Ellen O'Mara
Submitted by: O'MARA Wayne <Wayne_OMARA-at-rta.nsw.gov.au>

T. O'Mara, 2/20 Infantry Battallion,, 23rd January 1945, Age 26
Photos of my uncle Timothy grave in Kanji War cemetery in Singapore
with a wreath laying on his grave by the Prime Minister Mr Howard and Mrs Howard.
Submitted by: O'MARA Wayne <Wayne_OMARA-at-rta.nsw.gov.au>

Ellen O'Mara Ann O'Mara
Ellen O'Mara nee Russell Thomas O'Mara and Rachel Esther nee Kiss
Jeremiah O'Mara d1910  
Emma Kelsey nee O'Mara Nicholas Erastus Kelsey
Nicholas and Emma Kelsey  
Elizabeth Seears nee O'Mara  
Timothy O'Mara and Ellen (nee Russell)  of Mount Pleasant Catherine Shiels nee O'Mara
This is MT Pleasant Station today . It is made of 5,500 acres . In its heyday during ownership by the O'Mara's , the property was made up of approx 16,000 acres . Today's Severn Park and Caringo were the other portions which made up Mt Pleasant . On Timothy's death , Mt Pleasant was split up three ways . Clancy O'Mara kept the main block , Jeremiah O'Mara , created Severn Park , and Tom O'Mara took up Caringo .  

Photos supplied by Chris Shiels [christophershiels-at-bigpond.com]

Descendants of Jeremiah O'Mara

Joe Grady joemar-at-ozemail.com.au
Vincent Delany delanyvm-at-ozemail.com.au
Wayne O'Mara. <Wayne_OMARA-at-rta.nsw.gov.au>

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