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John Smith
Bobundra c.1850
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Photos from Ted Washbrook <ted-at-nscom.net.au>

Isaac Leonard Smith and Sarah Anne Margaret nee Hayes


Monaghan Raymond Hayes, Sarah's brother who was the first man from the Snowy to be killed at Gallipolli. There is a memorial park bearing his name in Cooma

The chap with the horse is my granfather, Isaac Leonard Smith and the horses name was Tom.  Isaac died of salmonella poisoning in 1933 and his wife, my grandmother must have had a terrible time as in 1933 she lost both her parents and her husband, they built them tough in those days as she was with us until 1967.

Len, Linda, Jerry, Von, Frank, Nana, Imelda, Elva, Kevin, Yolande and Pat
The "Nana" in the photo is Sarah Ann Margaret Smith , nee Hayes who was born at Cooma in 1890.  Her marriage into the Smith family was in Erskinville when she married Isaac Leonard Smith and they both were born in Cooma. An interesting thing came up when speaking to an older member of the family is the fact that this was the first time that all the siblings had been together since the death of Isaac in 1933 and I think you will agree that from 1933 to 1962 is a fair time.
Ted Washbrook <ted-at-nscom.net.au>

Descendants of John Smith
(Born In England - arrived on " Constitution)

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