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George Maurice Sims
Maneroo 1842
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Photos supplied by Lesley Ford:

George Maurice Sims,
 pictured with two of his daughters by Susan Jackson, from  Peter Darmody collection

James Morgan Sims


 Johanna Mary Sims (Thornton) 
with Joan& Nancy Sims. 1927

 Ida Sims with Joan & Nancy Sims 1925

These photos have been supplied by Lesley Ford
For more information about the Sims/Thornton family and JAMES MORGAN SIMS
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Photos Contributed by Kerrie Fitzpatrick kezfitz@optusnet.com.au

George & Mary Sims nee Dunn
Son of George and Elizabeth Sims

George W & Mary Cullen nee Sims 
daughter of George & Elizabeth Sims 



The following photos supplied by Bronwyn Firman [naplaep-at-yahoo.com] 9.06.10

William Henry Firman

William Henry Firman

The following photos were supplied by Michael Povey <mpovey-at-tpg.com.au> 1.09.11


George Sims was born in 1815 Westbury, Wiltshire England the son of James Sims and Phoebe Morris.

On 8th Feb. 1833 George confessed to stealing 11 pieces of rope valued 4/ from Richard Wearing at Trowbridge. He was employed as a Clothier and could read and write. George Sims was convicted and tried on the 2nd March 1833 at Wiltshire Assizes. With a previous conviction of 1 month he was sentenced to transportation for a term of 14 years. Four months later he sailed from Portsmouth on board the ‘Aurora’ heading for the Penal colony of New South Wales. The ‘Aurora’ arrived November 3rd 1833 after 122days at sea.

George was granted his Ticket of Leave on 20th January 1840 on the condition he remain in the District of Queanbeyan. The description of George Sims as recorded on his TOL was: Sandy Brown Hair, Hazel eyes, 5ft 4/3 inches heigh, Ruddy and freckled complexion, Slight scar outer corner of left eye, nose alittle cocked, eyebrows partially meeting, large scar on palm of right hand.

In 1842 George applied to the Colonial Secretary’s office for permission to marry Elizabeth Mullaly 27yo 'Margaret 3' 7 years Bond George Sims 26yo 'Aurora 1' 14years TOL Which was granted. 

Elizabeth Mullaly was born in 1811 in County Kerry Ireland, the daughter of John Mullaly and Mary breschard.
While working as a housemaid Elizabeth was convicted of ‘Vagrancy’ She was tried on July 17, 1839 in County Kerry,Ireland with a previous conviction of 3 months she was sentenced to 7 years transportation. On the 30th April 1840 amongst 133 female convicts Elizabeth sailed from Dublin aboard the ‘Margaret’. The journey took 109 days arriving at the settlement in August 1840. Her description was recorded as 5ft 3" , Pale & freckled complexion, Dk brown hair, hazel eyes, Nose cocked and 2 scars under right ear

George and Elizabeth married on 3rd April 1842 at Bredbo
Witnessed by Lawrence Harnett & Daniel Driscoll

In order for George to find work and reside outside the district of Queanbeyan a passport had to be granted. George applied for a ‘Passport’ in May 1842 allowing him to proceed to the Murrumbidgee in the service of Mr George Mitchell for 12 months With his Passport now expired he applied for another in June 1843 requesting to remain in the service of Mr Cosgrove at Manero for 12 months.

George & Elizabeth had 10 children

JOHN SIMS, b. November 08, 1843, Bolero; 
m. ANNE CULLEN, 1862.

PHEBE SIMS, b. November 08, 1843, Bolero
Baptism: November 24, 1843
d. January 02, 1871:
Burial: Old Adaminaby Cemetery

GEORGE SIMS, b. April 11, 1845, Driscoll River
m. MARY A DUNN, 1873.
d. 1934; Burial: Tumut NSW

MARY ANN SIMS, b. January 14, 1847.
m. SAMUEL PHILLIPS 1865 St Patricks church Cooma

WILLIAM SIMS, b. December 25, 1847, Nimmitybelle.

MARY ANN SIMS, b. August 14, 1849, Mialla NSW;
d. February 09, 1925; Burial: Cooma Cemetery NSW

ELIZABETH(ELIZA)3 SIMS, b. 1850, Alum Creek, Cooma NSW;m. JAMES CHALKER, December 19, 1871, C/E Christ Church Cooma NSW; d. August 04, 1939, Kameruka,Bega; Burial: August 07, 1939, R/C Old Adaminaby Cemetery

ROSANNA SIMS, b. July 12, 1852, Mialla NSW
m. THOMAS EURELL, 1874. d. 1926; Burial: Leeton Cemetery

JOSEPH SIMS, b. November 16, 1853, Bolindra Creek;m. HANORAH BROSNAN, 1883.

HENRY SIMS, b. 1857; m. MARY A CAUSLEY, 1878.

The Electoral Rolls for the Monaro District records the Sims family residing and owning numerous properties; Bolaro, Bullambalong, Jones Plain, Cowra, Alum Creek, Dry Plain, Celey’s Creek.

Elizabeth Sims died on 18th January 1877 at Bolairo
Cause of Death: Old Age aged 66 years
Burial: January 21, 1877, Old Adaminaby Cemetery
Informant on death certificate: George Sims,husband of Bolairo
Witnesses at Burial : Alexander Barrett & George Barrett

A year later George Sims married Susan Blyton nee Jackson in Cooma
SUSAN JACKSON was born 1849 in Norfolk, England
She came to Australia with her family on the ship 'Beejapore' arriving on 9th January1853

Robert Jackson 32yo Bricklayer f. Simon living in Methwold m. Susan dead
Elizabeth 32yo f.Thomas living in Northwold m.Mary dead
Marianne 10yo
Susan 3yo
Elizabeth 18m died on voyage
Mary 2m born on voyage
Paid 5 pound 10 shillings for self & family

Susan's mother Elizabeth died 21st Feb 1853 as a result of a street accident in Sydney. Mary died 2nd March 1853 a week or so later.

Robert Jackson later married Amelia Fillingham and moved to Queanbeyan
Robert died 4 Aug 1899 Amelia died 1902

Susan’s first 2 children were born before she married and are registered under her maiden name Jackson with the father unknown.



Susan married William Blyton in 1872 at Cooma


MARY BLYTON, b. 1873. Penrose Valley, Arable m. CHARLES
d. 1931

ELIZA BLYTON, b. 1875.

ROBERT BLYTON, b. 1877, Jillamatong


On March 26 William aged 16 and Thomas Redfern were committed for trial on the charge of "feloniously burglariously breaking open the dwelling house of John Parkins of Mansfield, and stealing one pound note, eight shillings in silver & ten shillings in copper two bottles of rum, one bottle of Gin & some bottles of wine also a quantity of sugar, tea, tobacco and candles

Tried - Nottingham Azzizes July 29, 1819
Age - 18 years old
Sentence - Life
Ship - Mangles 1820
1828 Census
William Blyton 'Mangles' 25yo Government servant
Stockman at Mrs Jemima Jenkins Bombaloon Airds
Permission to marry
William blyton 'Mangles' 1820 29yo Life (TOL)
Elizabeth smith BC 18yo FREE
1831 Clergy-Reddall Campbelltown

William Blyton and Elizabeth Smith had 11 children.
The family worked on several runs on the south-western side of Monaro, mainly doing leather work.
Elizabeth died in 1870 [information on Elizabeth’s family in folder]

William married Susan Jackson., they lived at Eagle Vale. William owned the Horse and Jockey Inn in Commissioner St Cooma.
William died in 1877 as a result of an accident.
Burial: September 09, 1877, Christ Church Cemetery Cooma

George Sims now in his sixties fathered 5 more children with his new wife Susan

PHOEBE SIMS, b. 1878; 

MAUDE E SIMS, b. 1881
m. MARK DYBALL, 1902.
d. 1911

m. (1) ALBERT WESCHE; m. (2) WALTER M TOZER, 1902.

MILY SIMS, b. 1886;
m. EDWARD J QUIGG, 1905.

RACHEL SIMS, b. 1889;
m. JOHN H HERLIHY, 1914.

George Sims died on July 1st 1911 at Peak View, Monaro Shire
Cause of Death: Senile Decay aged 96 years
Burial: July 04, 1911, R/C Rose Valley Cemetery
Informant on death certificate: Susan Sims,wife of Pretty Tree Flat, Peak View
Witnesses at Burial : Patrick Ryan & W E Lloyd

PERKINS PAPERS (page 2512.m.s.936/7 item 2 vol.7)

Monaro District 1901-1918

Death: July 1st 1911; George Sims at home of Robert Blyton, Pretty Tree Flat, aged 96years. Was a native of Burnima?? England. Came to Aust. in 1830 at age 15??Lived since in various parts of Monaro. Lived at Celeys Creek for past 20 years. and for last 14 years at Peak View. was twice married, leaves family of 16, - 11 by first wife and 5 by second, and numerous Grandchildren. He was a farmer & Grazier at Alum Creek and then at Myalla & owned some property in the town of Cooma. He claimed to be the oldest inhabitant of the Monaro District. He could read and Write without spectacles. Buried at Umeralla.

Susan Sims died on 4th April 1925 at Victoria St Cooma
Cause of Death: Myocardial Degeneration aged 76 years
Burial: April 06, 1925, C/E Christ Church Cemetery Cooma NSW
Informant on death Certificate :Rachel Herlihy,daughter of Victoria St,Cooma
Witnesses at Burial : George Blyton & John Herlihy

Information above contributed by Kerrie Fitzpatrick kezfitz@optusnet.com.au

Descendants of George Maurice Sims

Lesley Ford, Kerrie Fitzpatrick, Peter Thornton,
Brenda Meredith, Debbie Burgess, Vincent Delany,
David Smith and various others
Barbara Adams
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