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Sage Family

From Elaine Sage, Steeple Flat, Nimmitabel

My husband Ken and I moved from Sydney in the early 1960's. We have purchased the property because we loved the huge rocks and the river.
Ken had served with the RAF in the ssecond World War and moved to Australia in 1950
Having worked in Aviation (Engineer & Pilot) He took the job with the S.M.A engineer/pilot and we moved to Cooma/Nimmitabel.
I had also been in the Army (Phisiotherapist) In the Army medical corps and healing all the boys who as P.O.W'S return from the Burma Railway. They were like Skeletons, some living on the floor. It is a terrible thing to say but I will never forgive or forget. Some of them had their legs slashed off with swords

I worked at a children's hospital in the polio epidemic, sometimes working all night in tents on the lawn. I only had one daughter, Lyndall she was the first baby to have the polio vaccine. I have two grandchildren named William and Maddeline. Working in hospitals in those days you only had one week of holidays per year.

My husband taught me to fly and also Lyndall flew. My twin brother who was in the R.A.F-Pilot in the bomber command and then was Qantas manager in London and then in Sydney. Ken built my Victa Air Tourer and his Tiger Moth . I decided to fly to all the hospital towns that had airfields-Bombala, Delegate, Bega and Moruya. I worked Nimmitabel with Helen Haderson till she left. I still see the occasional patient at Nimmitabel, All they have to do is contact me on the phone at Steeple Flat. Since Ken died I fly up to Batehaven where I stay with my Daughter at her unit.
My people all come from England. I have a ribbon from the Navy-Thanking my uncle for his services in World War 1 and 2 he was torpedoed twice but somehow survived. I've had a very interesting life. In September I flew to Parkes for my 80th Birthday Celebrations-50 other Victa Air Tourers had flown in , What a party!!! I thank my parents for my education (PLC Croyden) and Sydney University and I thank my husband for my aviation.

Ken Sage - Aircraft Engineer/ Pilot in the RAF 2nd world war. 
Came to Australia in 1950 when worked as Engineer/ Pilot 
a) Victa Air Tourer all over Australia 
b) Kingsford Smith Aviation - Bankstown 
c) SMA Cooma 1964-74 
d) Died of lung cancer in 1999

Pilots in the aviation section of the SMA:
Jack Howard, Peter Coventry, Percy Zionze, Peter Blewitt, G Archur, Mack Twemlo, Bill McIntyre, Oban Dowie, Ken Sage - aircraft engineer and Pilot.

Aircraft; Beechcraft - twin Commanche, 680 Commanche, two Piageos and two Pilatus Porters flew to: Sydney, Melbourne, Cabramurra, Tumut, Jindabyne, Talbingo and anywhere it was needed.


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