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Rolfe Family
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Joseph Rolfe and Mary Ann Kelly

Photos submitted by Helen Rolfe jhrolfe-at-snowy.net.au

Family group --- 40th Wedding Photo of Mina and Joe Rolfe and immediate family.
L to R. Back Row.
Coden Rolfe ( holding twin daughter Margaret ) Colin Constance . Rex Bell. Roslyn Bell, John Rolfe, Kevin Rolfe (holding twin daughter Susan), Laurie Platts.
L to R Middle Row. 
Betty Rolfe (holding twin daughter Patricia), Doris Constance (holding daughter Pauline), Eileen Bell, Joe and Mina Rolfe. Heather Rolfe ( holding twin son Tony) Mavis Platts (holding daughter Lynette)
L to R front Row:
Standing - Anne Constance, Lyndon Constance, Geoffrey Rolfe, Jennifer Platts.
Kneeling- Kathy Bell, Dawn Rolfe, Heather Rolfe.

Mary Anne (nee Rolfe) & Thomas Clarke
 (first family to live on Kenilworth (Dog Kennel) Property selected by, Mary Annes,s father Joseph Rolfe Of Ironmungy

 Children of Subsidy school at Kenilworth. 1927.
 Whitton & Rolfe pupils.
  L to R. Eileen Rolfe. Patricia, Natalie & Dick, Whitton & Coden Rolfe
. Teacher Miss Una Keys

Eileen Rolfe with her mother Mina Rolfe
At Kenilworth with children on step
John. Kevin & Mavis Rolfe. 1937

 Mina & Joe Rolfe at their 50th Wedding Anniversary party held in St. Paul's Parish Hall Cooma. 1966.



Haystack at Kenilworth 
Joe & Coden Rolfe standing below.


Graves of Mary Anne & Thomas Clarke at Bobundara Cemetery  

Submitted by Helen Rolfe jhrolfe@snowy.net.au

The Rolfe name in England goes back to the Vikings and is most prominent in Norfolk where they originally settled. A John Rolfe from Norfolk in 1609 sailed to America where he introduced the cultivation of tobacco to Virginia and married the Red Indian Princess, Pocohontas.

Joseph Rolfe 1 was born in 1809 in England. He was the son of Samuel Rolfe (about whom we have no information) and Elizabeth Bartlett.

Elizabeth arrived in Australia on 3 April 1820 with Joseph and his sister, Sarah. We can assume that Elizabeth was a widow at that time, as she was known as Mrs Hennigan.

In 1821 Elizabeth Rolfe married Timothy Beard at Liverpool. He had been transported to Australia as a convict in 1806.

Sarah, Joseph's sister, married George Webb at St. John's Parramatta in 1828. George and Sarah eventually settled at Tidbinbilla where the family still resides. She is buried in a prominent place in St. John's, Canberra having died in childbirth.

Timothy Beard had been overseer of a property near Liverpool. Later he had become an illegal squatter on land near the present site of the Canberra Abattoirs.

We believe that in 1830 Joseph Rolfe moved to the area to help run the property and that in 1832 Sarah and George Webb also moved into the area known as Limestone Plains.

George Webb had assigned to him a Mary Ann Kelly, a convict who had been transported from Dublin in 1831. She died at Dog Kennel (Kenilworth) on 21 March 1884.

Joseph Rolfe 1 and Mary Kelly married at Bong Bong near Bowral. They had a family of three sons and four daughters - as follows.

Mary Ann Rolfe (B. 02/01/1833) - believed to be the first white child born in the Monaro. She married Thomas Clarke who died at Kenilworth (Dog Kennel) in 1901. She died at Kenilworth in 1920.

Joseph Rolfe 11 (B. 14 /09/1834) - who married Elizabeth Kiss on 28 July 1856. Elizabeth Kiss was born at Campbelltown, daughter of William Kiss of Anable. We believe that a headstone in Cooma Christ Church marks her grave.

Eliza Rolfe (B. 1843) - married Horatio Nelson Rowley

George Rolfe (B. 1836) - married Mary Rowley (Sister of Horatio)

Sarah Rolfe (B. 1841) - married John Flynn

Francis Elizabeth (B 1849) - married T Byrne

Samuel (B?)

In 1832 Timothy Beard had been forced to leave his property and move south where he had taken up a run at EIEMMONDGY (IRONMONGIE). Joseph Rolfe and Mary joined him. In 1840 Timothy Beard was granted a pasturage licence on the Maneroo (Monaro). On the 30 September 1848 Beard and Rolfe made claims to leases of Crown Lands for Ironmongie and Dog Kennel. The subsequent history of the Rolfes in the area may be gleaned from copies of Land Department records.

Joseph Rolfe 1 moved back into the Liverpool area following the death of Timothy Beard in 1848. At one time he was the licensee of the "Robin Hood Inn" on the Bunberry Curren Creek, 4 3/4 miles from Campbelltown.

Elizabeth Beard in 1849 married Timothy Beard's son (her step son), Timothy at Denharn Court, near the "crossroads" (at commencement of the F2 Freeway). 

In 1850 Elizabeth and Timothy Beard Jnr, granted - devised and leased to Joseph Rolfe - The Bay Horse Inn and one hundred acres at Carnes Hill (now Leppington, 2000 acres at Sutton Forest, 15 acres at Narellan, 4 1/2 acres at Campbelltown, 40 acres at Myrtle Creek and 50 acres at Bargo.

Joseph Rolfe died in 1860 (15 days after the death of his mother) at Cowpastures Road. The headstones stand in the Pioneers Cemetery, Liverpool together with the headstones of Timothy Bead (Snr), Mary Rowley, Catherine Rowley, Thomas Rowley and Catherine Louise Rowley.
Joseph Rolfe's estate was valued at 17,000 Pounds, which he divided up between his children and left for the care of his wife.

The Family Tree follows:

Joseph Rolfe 11 and Elizabeth Kiss had five children - Joseph William, Henry, George, Elizabeth & Emma

Joseph William married Therese McGregor (was Hemmings) in 1887. She outlived Joseph (as well as Charles McGregor and later married Richard Woodhouse). She came from Hobart and died in 1941 (buried in Church of England Cemetery, Cooma).

Joseph William and Therese had five children:
Joseph Henry (B. 18 8 8) married Mina Clarke (Their children were Eileen, Coden, Doris, Kevin, Mavis and John).
Albert (B. 189 1) married Kathleen James, parents of Gordon, Alma & Mona.
Henry Lawrence (B. 1893) married Mary Morgan (Their children were Lorraine, (Graham), Alan, Therese, Elva,
John and Bernice.
Mary E. Rolfe (B. 1896) married Robert Cassillis
Grace M. Rolfe (B. 1899) married Henry Cassillis

Joseph and Mina's six children married:
Theresa Eileen Selina (B. 02/07/1917) married (10/04/193 9) Reginald R Bell
Joseph Edward Coden (B. 29/11/1919) married (25/05/46) Betty J Pagan
Doris Esme Myrtle (B. 28/05/1923) married (22/01/1949) Colin Constance
Kevin Lawrence George (B. 08/01/1927) married (15/03/195 1) Heather Campbell
Mavis Irene Myree (B. 14/06/1929) married (16/12/1950) Lawrence M Platts
John Albert Leo (B 11/06/1935) married (09/01/1960) Helen S Flynn

Submitted by Helen Rolfe jhrolfe@snowy.net.au


First Generation

JOSEPH ROLFE born U.K. 1809                                         Sarah Rolfe born U.K.
Died Liverpool 1860                                                         Married 1827
Married 1834                                                                  George Webb.
Mary Ann Kelly
Born 1811 died 1884
Issue seven(7) children

Second generation
First Child                                                                                      2nd child
Mary Anne Rolfe                                                                          Joseph Rolfe
Born 1833 died 1920                                                                      Born I834
At Kenilworth                                                                              Married 1856
Married 1848                                                                                Elizabeth Kiss
Thomas Clarke                                                                            Born 1839 died 1863
Born 1829 died 1901                                                                                 |
           |                                                                                                |
Issue thirteen (13) children                                                      Issue 1st marriage four(4) children
           |                                                                                                |
1st child Thomas Joseph born 1849                                                              |
Married 1873 Sarah Welsh                                                                          |
2nd child Sarah born 1851
Married 1870 John Caldwell

3rd child James John born 1853
Married 1874 Margaret Gormley Collins

4th child Elizabeth Anne born 1855 (unmarried)

5th child William born 1858
Married 1878 Jeanette Louisa BIyton

6th child Hannah born 1859
Married 1879 John Jarvis

7th child Henry born 1862
Married 1886 Catherine McRae

8th child Eliza born 1865
Married 1886 Alexander James McRae

9th child Emma born 1865
Married 1887 William Hoffman

10th child George born 1866
Married 1995 Sarah Selina March

11th child Mary Jane born 1870 unmarried

12th child Rebecca born 1871 
Married James Shields

13th child Horatio Robert born 1873
Married 1899 Martha Caldwell

3rd Generation                                                                                        |
10th Child                                                                                            1st Child
George Clarke                                                                                       Joseph William Rolfe
Born 1866 died 1933                                                                              Born 1857 died 1902
Married 1895                                                                                        Married 1887
Sarah Selina March                                                                               Theresa McGregor (Hemming)
Born 1872 died 1939                                                                              Born 19-57 died 1941
          |                                                                                                       |
Issue -1 children                                                                                   Issue five(5) children
4th Generation                                                                                              |
1st child                                                                                                       |
Mina Catherine Myrtle Clarke                                                                            |
Born 1896 died 1982                                                                                       
Married 1916
Joseph Henry Rolfe
Born 1888 died 1872
            |                                                                                                     |
2nd child                                                                                            1st child
                                                                                     Joseph Henry Rolfe
Granville George Thomas Coden Clarke                                                       Born 1888 died 1973
Born 1997 died KIA France 1919                                                               Married 1916
Unmarried.                                                                                           Mina Catherine Myrtle Clarke
                                                                                     Born 1896 died 1982
5th Generation
Issue six (6) children
Theresa Eileen Selina Rolfe             Born 1917   Married 1939 Reginald R. Bell.
Joseph Edward Coden Rolfe            Born 1919   Married 1946 Betty J Paean.
Doris Esme Myrtle Rolfe                 Born 1923   Married 1949 Colin. B. Constance
Kevin Lawrence George Rolfe          Born 1927   Married 1951 Heather Campbell
Mavis Irene Maree Rolfe                Born 1929   Married 1950 Laurence M Platts
John Albert Leo Rolfe                    Born 1935   Married 1960 flelen S. Flynn
Ist child Eileen
Issue two (2) children
Roslyn Valerie                              Born 1943   Married 1964 Noel Murrav
Kathleen Marilyn Jill                       Born 1947  Married 1990 Harold Lawerence
2nd child (Coden)
Issue four(4) children
Heather Maree                            Born 1947   Married 1982 Roger J. Haylock
Dawn Elizabeth                           Born 1951   Married 1978 lan Gunn
Margaret Ann                             Born 1954   Married 1979 Robert Quodling
Patricia Jean                              Born 1954   Married 1979 Peter Brabin
3rd Child (Doris)
Issue four (4) children
Lindon George                            Born 1949   Married Lynette Holden
Beverley Anne                            Born 1951   Married Lesley Denning
Pauline Fay                                Born 1955   Married Simon Crook
Colin Ashley                               Born 1962   Married Alison Alcock
4th child (Kevin)
Issue three (3) children
Geoffrey Maxwell                        Born 1953   Married Dawn Hauchuik
Anthony Stuart                          Born 1956   Married Anne Lundie
Susan Jan                                 Born 1956   Married Michael Smith
5th child (May)
Issue three (3) children
Jennifer Gay                              Born 1952   Married Ross Penman
Lynette Robyn                           Born 1955   Married David Shannon
Laurence Brett                           Born 1959   Married Debbie Smith
6th Generation
6th child (John)
Issue Five (5) children
Deborah Anne Rolfe                    Born 1960   Married 1987 Robert J. Kaufline
Stephen John Rolfe                    Born 1961   Married 1985 Joanne K. Leslie
Viviene Mary Mina Rolfe,             Born 1967   Married 1992 Philip R. Doyle
Linda Jill Rolfe                           Born 1968   Married 1997 Philip A. Hausler
Sandra Helen Rolfe                    Born 1968   Married 1995 Matthew Eric Ireson
7th Generation Living at Kenilworth
2nd child (Stephen)
Issue three (3 children)
Andrew John Rolfe                     Born 1988
Samuel Joseph Rolfe                  Born 1989
Alicia Jayne Rolfe                      Born 1996

Joseph Rolfe and Mary Ann Kelly
Submitted by Kevin Browning brownink@ideal.net.au

Joseph Rolfe, b. c 1809 England, d. 5 July 1860 Carnes Hill Nr Liverpool
m. 19 Sep 1835 Sutton Forest
Mary Ann Kelly b. c 1805 Ireland d. 21 Mar 1884 Bobundrah

1. Mary Ann Rolfe
  b. 2 January 1833 Monaro (probably Iron Mungy),   d. 15 Dec 1920 Kennilworth Station
  M. 23 Oct 1848 Sutton Forest, Thomas Clarke

2. Joseph Rolfe
  b. 14 September 1834 Monaro (probably Iron Mungy),   d. 11 March 1908 Paddington
  M. 28 July 1856 Cooma,   Elizabeth Kiss
  M(2) 1 August 1866, Phoebe Welch

3. George Rolfe
b. c.1836 Monaro (probably Iron Mungy), d. 19 Nov 1926 Liverpool
M. 3 March 1863, Mary Rowley

 4.  Samuel Rolfe
b. c 1837 Monaro (probably Iron Mungy),  d. 15 Feb 1900 Bombala
M. 5 October 1856 Monaro (probably Iron Mungy), Mary Ann Rootsey

5. Sarah Rolfe
b.30 June 1841 Monaro (probably Iron Mungy), d. 22 Feb 1912 Liverpool
M. 14  July 1862 Waterloo, Benedict Penney
M(2) 8 August 1894 Liverpool, Edward Sooel

6. Eliza Rolfe
  b. 13 June 1843 Monaro (probably Iron Mungy),   d. 11 August 1908 Bombala
  M. 1858 Sydney, Horatio Nelson Rowley

7. Frances Elizabeth Rolfe
b. 8 February 1849 Sutton Forest, d. 6 Sep 1908 Sydney
M.12 February 1868 Denham Court, James Oprey

Submitted by Kevin Browning brownink@ideal.net.au

 Descendants of Samuel Rolfe

Helen Rolfe <jhrolfe-at-snowy.net.au>  12.07.06
Kevin Browning <brownink-at-ideal.net.au>  22.11.06
Recompiled from the new Monaro Pioneers database: 30.10.07
with additional information supplied by:
Sue Kirk
<kirksue-at-juno.com> 26.10.07
Sheena Johnson [sheena.johnson-at-optusnet.com.au]  13.08.09


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