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Donald Rankin
Mount Cooper 1839

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Historical Text

DONALD RANKIN J.P  . Fairfield is the eldest son of Mr. Neil Rankin, and a native of Argyleshire Scotland, where he was born in 1834.  Nine years later he came to New South Wales, with his parents and finishing his education in the colony, proceeded in 1814 to Mt. Cooper Station, where his Grandfather, the late Donald Rankin was manager for Messrs. Campbell and Co. of Campbell's wharf Sydney, and proprietor of the Native Dog Station.  A few years afterwards he and his parents went to reside in Delegate for some years, but he returned to the Native Dog Station in 1856 and resided there for two years with his Grandmother.  In 1858 he returned to Delegate, and was married there by the Rev. E. Ford on the 23rd August,1858, to Christina, the youngest daughter of Mr. William Hutchison, school- teacher, who came to Australia from Scotland in 1834.  In 1860 Mr. Rankin Proceeded across the border to Victoria and took up The Bidwell run, which he and his sons still hold.  Returning to Currawong he selected land near there, and erected on the Delegate River the flour mill now working there, which he conducted himself  for about ten years and then disposed of.  In 1874 he and his family selected the property consisting of 2327 freehold acres, on which they  now reside and work as a sheep and cattle station.  Mr. Rankin was this year appointed to a commission of the peace.  He is a member of the Local School Board and trustee of the Delegate Recreation Ground.  He has held a similar appointment for the commons, is president to the Delegate Jockey Club and has been chosen Judge thereof  for the last four years.  Mrs. Rankin was born at Sutton Forrest and has six sons and two daughters living.
Copied from Centennial History of NSW 1888 by
Barbara Adams
 30.07.06 pm

Photo Album

Rachel Rankin
 Judy McCutcheon Collection

Photos and Documents below contributed by:
Judy McCutcheon <judymcc-at-aapt.net.au>


Christina Hobbs, nee Hutchison & son,
Cuthbert Noel Hobbs (Noel)

Christina Hobbs, nee Hutchison




Edward Hamilton Foley

Eleanor Ann Hutchison Raine, nee Pratt



Ethel Honora Hutchison, nee Foley

Frederick Rankin, son of Donald Rankin
& Christina Hutchison


Geoffrey Edwin Hutchison

George Hutchison & Johanna Hutchison, nee Foley


Mary Kathleen Cullen, nee Ingram,
 Dellicknora Cemetery, Victoria

Neil Rankin



Thomas Hutchison

Vi Ross, nee Wools-Cobb beside the grave of
Mary Ann Clifford

View east from Dellicknora Cemetery

.William Hobbs (Bill)


Christina Rankin (McColl) & Matthew Sharp Wedding Certificate


The following photos were supplied by Michael Povey <mpovey-at-tpg.com.au> 18.09.11

Descendants of Donald Rankin

Ronald Rankin [ronaldrnkn161-at-gmail.com]
Judy McCutcheon
Sonja Goodrem (emailed needed please). 15.10.05
 Angela Santos <vixen-at-nobby.nu>
Judy McCutcheon and Bill Webster and additional research by David Smith. 03.03.06
Bill Webster <wbwebster-at-optusnet.com.au>  12.07.06
Bob and Anne Norton <banort42-at-snowy.net.au> 20.12.06

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