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Archibald McPhie
Cooma c1864


Archibald McPhie
Malcolm McPhie 1836-1914
Janet McPhie nee Robertson

These photos have been supplied by Judy Parrish [rjparish-a-bigpond.com]

Descendants of Archibald McPhie

  Data is also available at www.turnbullclan.com/tca_genealogy/tca_all-p/p543.htm
Melissa Freeman McPhie. <Melissa.FREEMAN-at-Dest.gov.au> 22.04.06
Barbara Adams <dad95624-at-bigpond.net.au>  12.07.06
David Smith  12.07.06
Melissa Freeman <Melissa.FREEMAN-at-Dest.gov.au>  20.08.06 
Gwen Hubert <ghubert-at-pcug.org.au>  9.03.07

Recompiled from the new Monaro Pioneers database by Ian Harvey: 4.12.07
with additional information supplied by:
Judy Parrish [rjparish-at-bigpond.com] 1.12.07, 6.06.11
Dean Bray <dean_bray-at-fastmail.com.au>  7.04.09


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