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Laurence Harnett
Micalago Plains 1837


LAURENCE HARNETT is the founder of one of the oldest of Manaro families. Born in 1798, near Cork, Ireland, he, with his wife, arrived in New South Wales in 1834. In March, 1837, he had reached the northern boundary of Manaro, being then resident on Micalago Plains. He remained there for some time and in 1841 was appointed a Magistrate of Territory (Queanbeyan), whilst in 1844 he was appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Colony. He bought the Rosebrook Run from Mr. Dutton and established the home which his descendants occupied for many years. He was drowned on 22nd August, 1848, whilst crossing the Murrumbidgee River. Before his death he was an applicant for a lease of Rosebrook Run, of 15,360 acres. A son, William Edwin, was born at Rosebrook in 1843. About 1872 this son leased Homeleigh Station. William Harnett died on 2nd November, 1875.

"BACK TO COOMA" Felix Mitchell 1926 Page 79 - Transcribed by Pattrick Mould 2003


From: "Tom Condon" <t.condon@griffith.edu.au>

Sent: Monday, April 21, 2003 10:17 AM

Hello Pattrick
My wife, Kay (nee Clapin), is a descendent of  Elizabeth Harnett; the Harnetts being one of the early Manaro families. Elizabeth, born Maneroo and baptised 13 January 1838, was the daughter of Laurence and Ellen Harnett.  She married Adolphus Philip Clapin (1828 - 1914) who became Clerk Assistant in the Legislative Council office from 1871 to 1907. 
You might like to add Elizabeth as a child to Laurence and Ellen. A copy of the baptism of Elizabeth is attached in case that is of some help. Also, in the description of Laurence Harnett on the web 
1  you could add his wife's name -
(I can't change the quote from "Back to Cooma" at this stage, it should be insert when you or other members of the family give me a more informative biography of his life. - Pattrick)
2  It refers to Laurence buying Rosebrook Run from Mr Dutton and then him being an applicant for a lease of Rosebrook Run at the time of his death.  Can you clarify this?? (He would have brought the squatting licence from Dutton, and then he had to take out the lease in 1848 and in 1861 he would have had to buy the freehold - Pattrick)
I have accessed on the web:-
Laurence Harnett Micalago Plains 1837
Laurence Joseph Harnett  Rosebrook 1842
Patrick Harnett (Estate of)   1848 Bredbo Run
Maurice Harnett  Micalago Plains 1837
It was very interesting and if you can point me in the right direction for further information, particularly on Laurence, Ellen or Elizabeth, it would be appreciated.
Tom Condon

Research by Pattrick Mould:
From the book "Cooma Country"

p22 Mrs Harnett is recorded as being one of the first white women on the Monaro.
p62 Mary Anne Harnett tells the story of being held up at Rosebrook by the Clark Gang, March 1862 (This will be transcribed in full under the heading of Bushrangers later this year).
p77 as late as 1860 there were only three buggies on the Monaro, one was owned by Maurice Harnett.
p86 A petition for a railway line to Cooma was signed by Larry Harnett.
p105 A petition to the Postmaster general to open a Post Office at Bunyan was signed by William Harnett of Rosebrook.
p106 Maurice Harnett had grown the first Lucerne in the district at Rosebrook.
p184 In 1882 L J Harnett leased land at Jindabyne to the school

From the Book, "Back to Cooma"
p25 On the 28th July 1856, the business of the Cooma Court was postponed to enable the Magistrate to attend the funeral of Mrs Harnett of Rosebrook.
p26 On 29th October 1857, Maurice Harnett was sworn in as a Justice of the Peace.
p27 On the 11th July 1859 M Harnett gave surety for Robert Dawson as District Court Register.
p29 In 1848 Laurence Harnett was a claimant for the lease of Run number 64, "Rosebrook" being 15,360 acres and running 150cattle and 4,500 sheep
      In 1848 the Estate of Patrick Harnett was the claimant for the lease of Run number 63, "Bredbo" being 30,720 acres, running 250 cattle and 7,500 sheep.
P36 In 1858 the only house between Cooma and Adaminaby was the Eucumbene Homestead, then belonging to Mr Harnett
p48 Father Dan Harnett, was the RC priest in charge at Cooma from 1898 til his death in 1900
p75 In the late 1840's, Laurence Harnett employed John and Margaret Parker, the parents of Margaret Curtis.
P76 Robert Dawson married Miss Harnett, sister of Maurice Harnett of Rosebrook Station.
p108 Names intimately associated with the Cooma Race Club include Mr Harnett.

The following photos were supplied by Michael Povey <mpovey-at-tpg.com.au> 23.09.11


Descendants of Laurence Harnett

Vincent Delany delanyvm@ozemail.com.au 31.01.04
John and Helen Simpson <johnandhelen-at-eftel.com.au> 12.07.06

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