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James Fergus
Cooma 1853

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James Fergus
Submitted by John Richards <john.richards1954-at-bigpond.com>

James Fergus and his wife Jane (nee Stevenson) emigrated from Scotland in 1852 on the Beejapore. James was born in Clachan of Campsie. Jane was born in Shettleston Lanarkshire. They were married in Paisley, Renfrewshire. Most of their children were born in Paisley, except for Robert who was born in Shettleston. They brought with them five of their children. Five of their grandchildren, along with five of the great grandchildren arrived in 1881 on the Devon.

Their passage on the Beejapore was a record 84 days, but they had to spend a month in quarantine. This ship was an experimental two decker, introduced to reduce the cost of immigration. Unlike many immigrant ships, it had nearly 1000 people on board. The Scarlet fever, measles and typhoid which were rife in the Liverpool depot spread on board in the crowded conditions. There were 55 deaths on the voyage, and 62 at North Head in the Quarantine station, mostly children.

The family moved immediately to Bredbo after clearing quarantine. They selected about 10,000 acres on the east and west banks of the "Strike a light" Creek, half of it leasehold. James was 77 when he died, and Jane 76. They are buried together in Cooma cemetery.

Photos submitted by John Richards <john.richards1954-at-bigpond.com> 19.07.06

"Molly" Fergus and
Edward Fitzalan

Mary Jane Fergus, Madge Fitzalan and Gwen Estell



Catherine Fergus (top right)

Catherine Fergus



James F Colquhoun

John Estell



Nancy and Walter Tyrrell

Nancye Balderston (21st)

Descendants of James Fergus

John Richards <
john.richards1954-at-bigpond.com> 19.06.06
Jack Forrester <jackjacko070-at-gmail.com> 20.08.06 

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with some additional information supplied by:
Thomas Colquhoun [tomstaxi-at-westnet.com.au]  17.03.09


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