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Andrew Sturgeon
Cooma 1870

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Andrew Sturgeon

      Louisa Grace Sturgeon nee Davidson

Andrew Sturgeon

     Andrew Sturgeon with James Bottom?

Elizabeth Rolfe nee Hotson nee Sturgeon
with son Tresillian Keith Hector Hotson

Tresillian Keith Hector Hotson


Kara Homestead c1920s

  Patricia and Eunice - Browns Mountain 1928

Thomas Sturgeon - died in the Boer war

Sturgeon girls

Frederick William Sturgeon

     Frederick William Sturgeon and Ida Bridget McKenzie

Ida Bridget Sturgeon nee McKenzie with Nita

Madeline Grace and Thomas Frederick Sturgeon

Agnes Kirwan nee Sturgeon

Agnes Sturgeon

Andrew Sturgeon b1912

Thomas Sturgeon b1916 - c 1943

Wedding - Madeline Grace Sturgeon and Joseph William "Brian" Stalley - 1943  

Photos supplied by Pam Sturgeon 29.12.10

Chronology of events in the lives of brothers William and Andrew Sturgeon of the Monaro, NSW

28 March 1833

Thomas Sturgeon, bachelor, married Mary nee Crawley, spinster, at St Mary’s Luton Bedfordshire by licence. Both were of the parish, signed their own names, and the witnesses were John Crawley, Elizabeth Crawley and John Cain (he was on all marriages at that time) The marriage license does not shed any further light on Thomas’ origins. (LDS & Beds RO)


William Sturgeon, later of Cooma, Moonbah, and Sydney NSW was born Clapham Yorkshire. (UK 1851 Census)

9 May 1838

Andrew Sturgeon, later of Cooma, Jindabyne and Berridale NSW, born Clapham Yorkshire, his father Thomas registered his birth on 9 June 1838 and said he was a carpenter. (UK RGO)

11 October 1840

Elizabeth Sturgeon born at Clapham Yorkshire, her father Thomas registered her birth 21 November 1840 and said he was a carpenter. (UK RGO)

1841 English census Clapham with Newby Yorkshire

Thomas Sturgeon aged 45 (rounded), carpenter, born Scotland
Mary Sturgeon aged 30 (rounded) and not born in Yorkshire
William Sturgeon aged 7 and not born in Yorkshire (1851 Census conflicts)
Andrew Sturgeon aged 3 and born in Yorkshire
Elizabeth Sturgeon aged 8 months and born in Yorkshire

15 November 1843

Agnes Sturgeon born Clapham Yorkshire, her father registered her birth 12 December 1843 and said he was a joiner. (UK RGO)

1 September 1846

Mary Sturgeon born at Clapham Yorkshire, her father registered her birth 3 October 1846 and said he was a carpenter. (UK RGO)

4 July 1847

Mary Sturgeon is in the baptism register for St Mary’s Luton and is privately baptized. Daughter of Thomas and Mary Sturgeon of Clapham Yorkshire, father carpenter. (LDS)

5 July 1847

Mary died at Luton Bedfordshire aged 10 months from ‘decline’, she had been sick for 8 months. The informant on the death certificate was Elizabeth Crawley who was present at the death and lived in Luton. (UK GRO)

8 July 1847

Mary shows in the burial registers for St Mary’s Luton, 10 months, with her abode as Clapham Yorkshire. (LDS)

1851 English census Clapham with Newby Yorkshire

Thomas Sturgeon, head, married, 53, Journeyman carpenter, born Scotland
Mary Sturgeon, wife, married, 43, born Bedfordshire Luton
Andrew Sturgeon, son, 13, scholar, born Clapham Yorkshire
Elizabeth Sturgeon, daughter, 10, scholar, born Clapham Yorkshire
Agnes Sturgeon, daughter, 7, scholar, born Clapham Yorkshire

1851 English census Rochdale Lancashire

William Sturgeon, 44, born Scotland and family of Toad Lane Rochdale Lancashire England, a Draper and Tea Dealer had his nephew living with them as follows:
William Sturgeon, unmarried, 16, Draper and Tea Dealer, born Clapham Yorkshire

13 January 1855

Thomas Sturgeon, 62 years, Master Carpenter of Clapham, Yorkshire, England dies of ulcerations of the stomach and intestines. His death was registered 17 January 1855 by his son Andrew Sturgeon of Clapham who was present at the death. (UK GRO)


Tegg’s Almanac and Remembrancer according to the Perkin’s volumes page 195 says Alexander Davidson left Cooma in 1857 to work in Eden for Ben Boyd as a cabinet maker. His son George Dunbar Davidson (who shows on many Sturgeon BDM documents) remained in Cooma to work for Sturgeon Brothers, storekeepers.


Hain and Sturgeon and Co., Innkeepers, Cooma (Lauri Neal, page 198)

1861 English census Luton Bedfordshire

Mary Sturgeon, 55, Widow, Straw Bonnet Sewer, born Beds Luton
Lizzie Sturgeon, 24, Unmarried, Straw Bonnet Sewer, born Yorks Clapham
Agnes Sturgeon, 17, Unmarried, Straw Bonnet Sewer, born Yorks Clapham

1861 English census Rochdale Lancashire

William Sturgeon, 54, Draper and Tea Dealer, said he was born Dumfries Scotland. His nephew William Sturgeon born Clapham Yorkshire is no longer listed with him in Rochdale Lancashire.

26 March 1861

Hain and Sturgeon, Innkeepers, Cooma (Lauri Neal, page 198)

16 August 1861

Sturgeon, Proprietor, Royal Hotel, Cooma (Lauri Neal, page 198)

November 1861

Andrew Sturgeon arrives in Melbourne Australia on the ‘Elizabeth A Bright’. He boarded at Liverpool Lancashire England and was listed on the passenger manifest on 10 August 1861. (Vic PRO)

7 November 1861

Andrew Sturgeon departs Melbourne for Sydney on the ‘Rangatira’ (AO NSW)

1 January 1862

Post Office established at Jindabyne. Postmaster Phillip Adams. About this time a police station was established and later a telegraph office. (Lauri Neal, page 143)

3 June 1862

‘SMH’ Dinner Thursday night previous at Sturgeon’s Royal Hotel Cooma for benefit of Mr Thomas Garrett the local member of legislature. (SMH pg 2)

30 September 1862

‘SMH’ Mr Sturgeon present at Tattersall’s Hotel, Sydney for raffle of the race horse Veno. He sold his winning ticket to Mr A Thompson before the final draw. (SMH pg 4)

7 June 1862

‘Sydney Mail’ Sturgeon’s Royal Hotel Cooma NSW Australia (Perkins)

28 December 1862

‘Illawarra Mercury’ William Sturgeon at a Cooma public dinner (Perkins)

August 1863

Hain and Son, Innkeepers, Royal Hotel, Cooma Sturgeon NOT mentioned (Lauri Neal, page 198)

3 September 1863

‘SMH’ Arrival 1 September from Ulladulla and Clyde River, ‘The Kembla’ Messrs Sturgeon and Kirwan among passengers (SMH pg )

24 October 1863

‘Sydney Mail’ William Sturgeon issued with a Spirit Licence Cooma (Perkins)

26 March 1864

‘SMH’ William Sturgeon and Samuel Hain, both of Cooma,  purchase allotment 4, section 5, fronting Massey and Sharpe Streets Cooma (SMH pg 2)

1 July 1864

‘SMH’ William Sturgeon, witness , shooting of James Kirwan, Cooma (Perkins & SMH pg 5)

12 August 1864

‘SMH’ further to shooting of James Kirwan at Cooma (Perkins)

13 September 1864

‘SMH’ W Sturgeon Esq sells at auction racehorse Dispatch winner of several prizes on the NSW turf and mare Ada also well known (SMH pg 7)

27 December 1864

‘Illawarra Mercury’ repeat story from ‘Cooma Mercury’ regarding F Kemmett in the employ of William Sturgeon Cooma (Perkins)

18 February 1865

‘Sydney Mail’ William Sturgeon Spirit Merchant Cooma (Perkins)

22 March 1865

Mr Andrew Sturgeon, Jindabyne, Storekeeper, takes over as Postmaster, Jindabyne from Miss W Adams. Sureties: William Sturgeon, Storekeeper, Cooma and Joseph Soloman, Watchmaker, Cooma (AA PO records)

28 August 1865

Agnes Sturgeon (sister to William and Andrew Sturgeon) died in Bedfordshire, England. Death certificate says she was 21 years old and a bonnet sewer of Upper Wellington Street, Luton Bedfordshire. She died from tuberculosis. The informant was Eliza Walker of Upper Wellington Street Luton who was present at the death. Agnes shows in the burial registers for St Mary’s Luton as buried 2 September 1865, 21, abode Luton. (UK GRO & LDS)

2 February 1866

‘SMH’ A Sturgeon Postmaster and stamp seller, Jindabyne (Perkins & SMH pg 2)

13 March 1866

William Sturgeon surety for Miss Ann Waters to be appointed Post Mistress at Cooma. He is listed as Storekeeper. (Lauri Neal, page 71)

22 March 1866

‘SMH’ Sturgeon’s race horse Omera first at Cooma races for the maiden plate, Town Plate and Ladies Purse races Sturgeon’s Marquis second in both races (Perkins & SMH pg 5)

20 June 1866

Elizabeth (sister to William and Andrew Sturgeon) is baptized at Christchurch Luton, born 11 October 1840, daughter of Thomas and Mary Sturgeon, carpenter with her living at Upper Wellington Street Luton. (LDS)

27 July 1866

Andrew Sturgeon writing from Bobundra NSW resigns as Jindabyne Postmaster, left in charge his assistant Thomas Baggs at Jindabyne. Asked to take the position at Bobundra, but there are no records for Bobundra existing for this appointment. He states he bought the premises of Mrs Windeyer the then postmistress. (AA PO records)


‘Bailliers’ PO Directory’ William Sturgeon, Storekeeper PO Store Cooma (Perkins)

2 May 1867

‘SMH’ Horse auctions Mr Sturgeon (?William) sold brown mare Lady …. 24 guineas (SMH pg 4)

26 August 1867

‘SMH’ General Flood Relief Fund 1867 34th list. William Sturgeon gave 5 guineas, Andrew Sturgeon gave 2 guineas (SMH pg   )

16 January 1869

‘Sydney Mail’ W Sturgeon (?William) Bunyan Races (Perkins)

16 January 1869

William Sturgeon recommended as the successor Postmaster at Jindabyne by Thomas Baggs who resigns. William Sturgeon states he has taken Thomas Baggs place as storekeeper at Jindabyne. (AA PO records)

29 January 1869

William Sturgeon, Storekeeper of Jindabyne officially Post Master Jindabyne. Sureties provided by Charles Soloman, Gentleman of Cooma and George Cohen, Hotelkeeper of Cooma. (AA PO records)

17 April 1869

‘SMH’ Barry and Sturgeon mentioned (Perkins)

12 June 1969

‘SMH’ Return of Spirit Merchants and Brewers, spirit Merchants, Cooma, William Sturgeon (SMH pg 7)

18 January 1870

‘SMH’ Sturgeon and Davidson mentioned (Perkins)

21 April 1870

“SMH” Rain in south, Sturgeons store mentioned (Perkins)

21 August 1870

Andrew Sturgeon, son of Thomas Sturgeon, Carpenter, and Mary nee Crawley married Louisa Grace nee Davidson at Christchurch Cooma NSW Australia. He was of full age (32), a bachelor and Storekeeper of Cooma, and she was under age (17), a spinster of Cooma, with permission given by her mother to the marriage. She was born in Cleveland Ohio US. Witnesses were Agnes Brodie and GD Davidson. Her father was Frederick William Davidson, Cabinet maker and Louisa Annie nee Read. (Her mother’s maiden name was Ballard but widowed and lived with a possible relative named Emanuel Read, Stonemason and Orchardist of Cooma, who was described as Uncle and is buried in the family plot).


Electoral Roll Monaro
Andrew Sturgeon, Cooma, leasehold Cooma
William Sturgeon, Moonbah, freehold Moonbah

21 January 1871

‘Town and Country Journal’ runs and rent Sturgeon Mowenbah (Perkins)

6 February 1871

William Sturgeon sold his Jindabyne premises to Moses and Soloman and resigns Postmasters Office at Jindabyne. (AA PO records)


‘Australian Almanac’ William Sturgeon, Stores, Cooma (Perkins) (LG Davidson also mentioned)

1871 English census Luton Bedfordshire

Mary Sturgeon, head, 64, widow, income from houses, born Luton Bedfordshire
Lizzie Sturgeon, daughter, 30, unmarried, bonnet sewer, born Clapham Yorkshire
Address was 145 Upper Wellington Street Luton Bedfordshire

31 October 1871

Thomas Sturgeon born,  son of Andrew and Louisa Grace Sturgeon, Cooma, Storekeeper

21 December 1871

Thomas Sturgeon baptized in the Anglican parish of Cooma, son of Andrew and Louisa Grace nee Davidson

20 January 1872

‘Town and Country Journal’ A Sturgeon at the Stores of Hain and Son (Perkins)

27 January 1872

William Sturgeon mortgaged the Mowenbah run and stock to Andrew Sturgeon for £3,500. Andrew still owed £2,000 on 25 January 1879 when his Moonbah holdings were remortgaged by promissory note to Frazer and Co of Sydney for £2,500 to fund the Lawrence investments. (Titles 187/683)

29 January 1872

Conveyance by William Sturgeon, Grazier, of Cooma to Thomas Wholohan, Carpenter, of Cooma for £70. This is Lot 51 sold after 30/5/1854 (or allotment 1 of section 40) and is in Victoria Street, Cooma. (Titles 128/946)

5 February 1872

Conveyance by William Sturgeon, Grazier, Of Mowenbah to Andrew Sturgeon, Grazier, of Mowenbah for £320. This lot being 320 acres. (titles 102/129)

16 February 1872

‘SMH’ Mr and Mrs Sturgeon and child listed as outgoing, or booked,  passengers for the ‘Highflyer’ (SMH pg 4)

26 February 1872

William Sturgeon sign Power of Attorney to Andrew Sturgeon, in the presence of William Bale (as per document 8/1/1876 Titles 157/472).

8 March 1872

‘SMH’ Shipping Clearances for 7 March 1872, Mr and Mrs Sturgeon and Master Sturgeon, first class, Mr and Mrs Barry, second class, listed for London aboard ‘The Highflyer’ (SMH pg 4) – I feel that this is Andrew and his new family.

16 March 1872

‘SMH’ Departures for England, 12 March, ‘Highflyer’ Mr, Mrs and Master Sturgeon 1st class, Mr and Mrs Barry 2nd class, and other passengers, (SMH pg 8)

2 March 1873

Agnes Sturgeon born to Andrew and Grace Sturgeon of Mowenbah, Grazier, baptized Anglican 28 May 1873

30 October 1873

‘The Empire’ William Sturgeon Mowenbah (?Perkins)


Electoral Rolls
Andrew Sturgeon, Moonbah, leasehold Moonbah
William Sturgeon, Moonbah, freehold Moonbah

23 July 1874

Mary Louise Sturgeon born Moonbah registered Cooma NSW Australia . She was called May. (NSW BDM)

5 January 1875

‘SMH’ A Sturgeon Esq, of Jindabyne,  donates £1-0-0 to church missionary fund (SMH pg )

5 April 1875

Tijou, Henry Charles, born at 3 Goulburn Street, Sydney to Annie Tijou, 17 years old. Later in life he was called Harry Sturgeon. (NSW BDM)

8 January 1876

Conveyance by William Sturgeon, Gentleman, of England signed by Andrew Sturgeon as Power of Attorney to Thomas Druitt, Clerk in Holy Orders, Cooma for £200. This lot being 70 acres and described suburban portion 13, and as lot 15 sold after the 5/8/1856. (Titles 157/472). This block appears to be the same one conveyanced 15/5/1878.

27 May 1876

‘Sydney Mail’ Mr A Sturgeon found human remains (Nixon) (Perkins)

5 August 1876

‘Town and Country Journal’ Approved claim lease A Sturgeon (Perkins)

3 October 1876

Grace Sturgeon born to Andrew and Louisa Grace Sturgeon at ?illegible, baptized 22 October 1876, father Grazier. She was called Snow.

17 February 1877

‘Town and Country Journal’ Approved claim lease A Sturgeon (Perkins)

8 June 1877

Andrew Sturgeon’s birth certificate purchased from Clapham Yorkshire. He reportedly went back before his mother died and visited.

8 September 1877

‘Town and Country’ Emanuel Read (uncle to Andrew Sturgeon’s wife and with no know wife or children) approved claim lease Cooma

23 September 1877

Burial registers for St Mary’s Luton list a Mary Crawley 73 years and 11 months of the Parish of St Clement in Jersey (952392 and 1279158). Officiating minister WJ Harrison. I wonder whether this is only a memorial service and she was buried elsewhere. The burial register also lists her as Crawley not Sturgeon.

LDS film number 823782, Item 2 on film, (Monumental Inscription of Crawley Green Road Churchyard, Luton Bedfordshire index prepared in Utah 10 Feb 1948 and attributed to Weight Matthews surveyor) show on page 24 as follows:

Agnes Sturgeon, daughter, 28 August 1865, aged 22

Mary Sturgeon, widow of Thomas, Manor Cottage Jersey, 19 September 1877, 74 years

Further research (2008) into surveyor Weight Matthews original registers of MI’s at that cemetery say that there is no record at all of the above entries today or any headstone in either names.

28 October 1877

‘SMH’ Sturgeon listed from Grafton to Sydney ‘The City of Grafton’ (SMH pg 3)


Electoral Rolls
Andrew Sturgeon, Moonbah, leasehold Moonbah
William Sturgeon, England, Freehold Moonbah
Emanuel Read, Coonghoongbula, residence Coonghoongbula


Electoral Rolls
Andrew Sturgeon, Moonbah, leasehold Moonbah
William Sturgeon, England, freehold Moonbah
Emanual Read, Green Hills, residence Green Hills
Emanuel Read, Coonghoongbula, residence Coonghoonbula

5 January 1878

‘SMH’ English Shipping departures ‘The Tweed’ from London. Passengers include 1st class Mr W Sturgeon, Miss Sturgeon, Master Sturgeon (SMH pg 4 – paper of 2 March 1878)

31 March 1878

‘The Tweed’ 1st Class passenger list, Captain Bice, Master
William Sturgeon, farmer
Mary Sturgeon, spinster
William Sturgeon, no description
Archibald Ross, gentleman
2nd class passenger list
Arthur Nias, no description
Fran??? Fratin, no description
Alexander Graham, ?Italian
Edmund Herbert Baker, clerk

2 April 1878

‘SMH’ Advertisement – thanks to Captain Bice of ‘The Tweed’ from the passengers as follows: William Sturgeon, Lizzie Sturgeon, Charles Ross, Alexander S Graham, EH Baker, Arthur E Somerset Nias and James C Sturgeon (SMH pg 4)

15 May 1878

Conveyance by William Sturgeon, Gentleman of Sydney sells to Thomas Druitt, Clerk in Holy Orders, Cooma for £200. Suburban portion 13, sold as lot 15 after 5/8/1856. (Titles 179/986 this is the same block as conveyance dated 8/1/1876 with Andrew Sturgeon as Power of Attorney)

15 June 1878

Transfer of Mortgage and further Mortgage. Andrew Sturgeon mortgaged to William Sturgeon 27 January 1872, 1200 cattle, plus sheep, horses and progeny to secure £3,500. Andrew still owed £2,000 to William and this was included and remortgaged to James Watson and James Evan, of Sydney, Merchants trading as Frazer and Co for £2,500, due as promissory note on the 17 December ‘next’. (Titles 187/683)

26 August 1878

Elizabeth Sturgeon born at Lawrence, near Grafton NSW Australia. The daughter of Andrew Sturgeon, 40, Storekeeper, born in England and Louisa Grace nee Davidson, 25, born in England. She was registered at Grafton on 3 October 1878. She was called Toss. (NSW BDM)

23 December 1878

‘SMH’ ‘Agnes Irvine’ from Grafton 21st last, Sturgeon listed as passenger (SMH pg )

27 December 1878

‘SMH’ ‘New England’ from Grafton 24th last, Sturgeon listed as passenger (SMH pg)

25 January 1879


3 February 1879

Conveyance between Andrew Sturgeon, Storekeeper of Lawrence, near Grafton and William Sturgeon, Storekeeper of Lawrence near Grafton to buy from Frank Norrie, Solicitor of Grafton (Samuel George Davison, Commercial Agent of Sydney involved) for £7,250; 40 acres at Lawrence described as lot 2 of 18/7/1859, and 1 acre 2 rood 4 perches described as allotment 6 of section 3. This sale was registered at titles 7/8/1879 (Titles 193/581)

13 February 1879

William Sturgeon, bachelor, Storekeeper, born England, son of Thomas Sturgeon and Mary nee Crawley married at St James’ Church Sydney NSW Australia to Annie Eliza Tijou, spinster, born NSW, the daughter of George Tijou and Emily nee Harmon. Witnesses were George and Jane Titterton.  (BDM)

25 February 1879

‘SMH’ ‘New England’ from Grafton 24th last, Messrs Sturgeon (SMH pg 4)

23 July 1879

Conveyance by Andrew Sturgeon, the Vendor and Storekeeper of Lawrence, formerly Grazier of Mowenbah to James McGufficke, the purchaser and Freeholder, of Redfern Sydney for £320, 320 acres at Mowenbah. Paid to mortgagees Frazer and Co of Sydney. 10 shillings to Andrew (also paid to mortgagees?) Registered 26/7/1879. (Titles 193/238)

23 July 1879

Assignment by Andrew Sturgeon, formerly of Mowenbah, Grazier, now of Lawrence, Storekeeper and William Sturgeon, formerly of Mowenbah, Grazier, now of Sydney, Storekeeper and Frazer and Co., Mortgagees and James McGufficke, purchaser and Freeholder of Redfern, Sydney. James McGufficke assigned his Redfern properties of a hotel, three brick cottages and a wooden cottage and £500 to Frazer and Co (Sturgeon mortgagees) for the purchase of the Mowenbah run and discharge of the promissory note owed by Sturgeons. Registered 26/7/1879 (Titles 193/239)

7 August 1879, contract date 3/2/1879

Conveyance between Andrew Sturgeon, Storekeeper of Lawrence, near Grafton and William Sturgeon, Storekeeper of Lawrence near Grafton to buy from Frank Norrie, Solicitor of Grafton (Samuel George Davison, Commercial Agent of Sydney involved) for £7,250; 40 acres at Lawrence described as lot 2 of 18/7/1859, and 1 acre 2 rood 4 perches described as allotment 6 of section 3. This sale was registered at titles 7/8/1879 (Titles 193/581)

25 August 1879

‘SMH’ Business Announcements – Dissolution of Partnership dated 23 August 1879. As general storekeepers of Lawrence, under the name of W & A Sturgeon, dissolved, all accounts due by the partnership are to be sent to Andrew Sturgeon, Lawrence. (SMH pg 1)

29 November 1879

‘SMH’ Notices Under the Real Property Act, Indefeasible title will be issued unless caveats are lodged by the 5 February 1880 – same information as the notice of the 29 December 1879 (SMH pg )

29 December 1879

‘SMH’ Notices Under the Real Property Act, property County Clarence, Town of Lawrence, 1 acre, 2 roods, 4 perches, allotment 6, section 3 granted to William Robertson. Applicants – William Sturgeon of Sydney and Andrew Sturgeon of Lawrence. 5 February 1880 unless caveats are issued before. (SMH pg 2)


“Sands” Wm Sturgeon, Storekeeper, Esplanade (?Manly)

25 May 1881

Andrew Sturgeon ‘Sonny’ born and baptized 7 November 1881

22 September 1881

Andrew Sturgeon sequestration of insolvency (AO NSW 16759)

23 September 1881

‘SMH’ Andrew Sturgeon, of Cooma, Insolvency Court, Surrenders, Liabilities £30-0-0 (may say 80), Assets £10-0-0, Mr Stephen official assignee (SMH pg 6)

7 November 1881

Andrew Sturgeon baptized Anglican, born 25 May 1881, son of Andrew and Grace Sturgeon, Storekeeper and Publican of Jindabyne.


Electoral Rolls
Andrew Sturgeon, Cooma, residence Cooma
Emanuel Read, Green Hills, residence Cooma

15 March 1882

‘SMH’ Andrew Sturgeon failed to show at Insolvency Court (SMH pg 7)

17 & 18 April 1882

‘SMH’ Andrew Sturgeon listed for Tuesday  18/4/82 Insolvency Court certificate meeting (SMH pg 3 17/4, pg 7 18/4/82)

19 April 1882

‘SMH’ Law Report for Insolvency Court Tuesday April 18, Certificate issued to Andrew Sturgeon (SMH pg 7)

5 May 1882

Andrew Sturgeon of Cooma NSW Australia certified insolvent (AO NSW 16759)

1 June 1882

William Sturgeon, Storekeeper, died at 19 Little Norton Street Sydney NSW Australia. His wife Annie Sturgeon informed for his death certificate as did the Coroner Henry Shiell, Inquest unnecessary. He was the son of Thomas Sturgeon, Carpenter and Mary ‘unknown’, born in England and had been in Australia for about 20 years, he married at age 44 years to Annie Tijou. There were no children from the marriage listed on his death certificate (says nil). The coroner concluded he died from head disease. He was buried without minister 3 June 1882 in the Church of England Necropolis Sydney NSW Australia. Witnesses were Crescent Diosno and Albert Edwards. (BDM)

16 August 1882

Florence Sturgeon born

7 October 1882

Andrew Sturgeon recommended Postmaster at Jindabyne as Charles Soloman resigned. Andrew bought the premises referred to as the ‘Jindabyne Store’. Mr A Sturgeon in the employ of Charles Soloman for a year previous has managed the Post Office at Jindabyne for Mr Soloman. (AA PO records)

16 October 1882

Andrew Sturgeon’s appointment official at Jindabyne Post Office. Sureties provided by John Barry, Grazier of Moonbah and James Scott, Conditional Purchaser and Carpenter of Cobbin Jindabyne. (AA PO records)

October 1882

Andrew Sturgeon, storekeeper, petitioned with others for the opening of a Provisional School at Jindabyne. School opened February 1884. (Lauri Neal, page 184)


Electoral Rolls
Andrew Sturgeon, residence Jindabyne, Jindabyne
Emanuel Read, freehold Green Hills, Cooma
Isaac Waddington, residence Cooma, Cooma

5 November 1882

Florence Sturgeon baptized Anglican, born 16 August 1882 to Andrew and Grace Sturgeon, Jindabyne, Storekeeper. She was called Toot.


Electoral Rolls
Andrew Sturgeon, Jindabyne, police district of Buckley’s Crossing

22 February 1884

Andrew Sturgeon (Sonny) buried Anglican, died 21 Febuary 1884, aged 4, near Coolringdon.

5 October 1885

Frederick William Sturgeon born Jindabyne, to Andrew Sturgeon, Storekeeper, Jindabyne 47, born England and Louisa Grace formerly Davidson, 33yrs, born United States.

1 January 1887

Leslie James Sturgeon born (Family & NSW BDM)

25 August 1889

Roy Sturgeon baptized Anglican, born 9 July 1889, to Andrew and Grace Sturgeon, Jindabyne, Storekeeper.

1 March 1892

Agnes Sturgeon, 18, spinster and daughter of Andrew Sturgeon, Storekeeper of Jindabyne and Louisa Grace nee Davidson married at the residence of George Davidson to James Charles Kirwan, 27, bachelor, Store clerk and Assistant, son of Thomas Kirwan, Grazier and Bessie Wright, sometimes known as Grant the latter probably the true name (quoted from register). Witnesses were Tom Sturgeon and Agnes Davidson

26 November 1893

Andrew Sturgeon resigns as Post Master at Jindabyne recommending his daughters take over. (AA PO records)

16 January 1894

Grace and Mary Louise Sturgeon take over duties at Jindabyne Post Office. One as Post Mistress and the other as Telephonist. (AA PO records)


‘Moore’s Almanac’ A Sturgeon Hotel, Store and PO, Jindabyne NSW (Perkins)


‘Moore’s Almanac’ A Sturgeon Hotel, Store and PO, Jindabyne NSW (Perkins)

29 September 1896

‘Cooma Express’ Mr A Sturgeon gives over the Jindabyne Hotel this week and intends to live privately on his property known as ‘Hilltop’ near Jindabyne

6 February 1897

Louisa Grace Sturgeon, wife of Andrew, died at ‘Hilltop’ Jindabyne NSW Australia. Andrew Sturgeon informed of his wife’s death and said she married him at 17 years of age, was born in Cleveland USA, spending 28 years in NSW, daughter of Frederick Davidson and Louisa Reid. Louisa Grace was 44 years old and very ill, she was certified by Dr Sarsfied Cassidy (who saw her last  on 31/1/97) as having Chronic myocarditis (inflammation of the myocardium) for five years and Anasarca Syncope (generalised oedema and faintness) for two weeks before her death. (BDM).

8 February 1897

‘SMH’ Mrs A Sturgeon obituary (Perkins)

9 February 1897

‘Cooma Monaro Express’ Mrs A Sturgeon died at her residence Jindabyne Saturday morning last from a weakness of the heart. Her remains taken to Cooma, Monday for interment in the Christchurch Cemetery.

7 January 1902

Thomas Sturgeon son of Andrew and Louisa Grace nee Davidson died south Africa, Enteric Fever at Norvals Pont, South Africa (Boar War Contingent) and was buried Colesberg G of R (?) Central Monument grave number 54 or 90 (?) at Colesburg. War memorial at Berridale NSW Australia. He was a Sergeant with the NSW Mounted Rifles.

11 July 1902

Andrew Sturgeon was granted administration for the estate and effect of his son Thomas born 1871 Cooma who died as part of the Boar War contingent in South Africa. The estate was sworn at under £61. Thomas gave his watch to his youngest brother Roy when he left Australia and this is mentioned in his estate papers.

8 April 1903

Elizabeth Sturgeon, 24, spinster, home duties, of “Kara” Berridale, NSW daughter of Andrew Sturgeon, Grazier and Grace Louisa Davidson (deceased) married Alexander John Prentice Hotson, bachelor and Wool Classer, of South Heads Road, Double Bay, Sydney at St Pauls Presbyterian Church Rozelle. She said she was born at Lawrence, Clarence River, NSW. He said he was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Witnesses were Alec Cronin and Grace Sturgeon.

27 March 1905

Mary Louise Sturgeon, 30, home duties, of ‘Kara Station’, daughter of Andrew Sturgeon, Grazier and Grace nee Davidson married at St Mary’s Anglican Gegrederick to John Johnson Williams, bachelor and Labourer, of Jindabyne. She said she was born at Moonbah. He said he was born at Kalkite. The witnesses were Amos Edward Williams and Grace Sturgeon (BDM)


Frederick William Sturgeon marries Ida Bridget McKenzie at Lithgow, they met in Condobolin where her sisters husbands was a policeman

15 March 1910

Marriage of Elizabeth Sturgeon and Alexander Hotson dissolved (AONSW & BDM)


Roy Sturgeon marries Mary Cavanagh Miller West Wyalong

2 August 1911

Elizabeth Hotson nee Sturgeon, 33, home duties, divorced petitioner of Roslyn Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW, daughter of Andrew Sturgeon and Louisa Grace nee Davidson (deceased) married at the Rigistrar Generals Office, Chancory Square to Edmund Rolfe, 53, widower and Hotel Manager of Cooma, NSW. She said she was born Lawrence NSW. He said he was born Canberra NSW. Witnesses were Florence Sturgeon and RS Begbie. (BDM)


Leslie James Sturgeon marries Kathleen/Catherine Lucy Barry Cooma

18 April 1912

Grace Sturgeon, 35, of Berridale, Australia and Florence Sturgeon, 29 of Cooma, Australia arrive in San Francisco, California aboard the RMS Manuka on route to visit their cousin CF Waddington (Charles Frederick Storey Waddington born 22 June 1883 at Cooma to Isaac Waddington and Florence nee Davidson) in St Antonio, Texas (Passenger and Crew Lists).

3 June 1913

‘Monaro Mercury’ Henry Filtness of Moonbah in employ of A Sturgeon (Perkins)

17 December 1918

‘Monaro Mercury’ A Sturgeon obituary (Perkins)

19 December 1918

Andrew Sturgeon, Grazier, died at “Kara’ Jindabyne, husband of Grace Louisa Davidson, born in Luton Bedfordshire spending 61 years in NSW. His son Leslie James Sturgeon was the informant and said his father was the son of Thomas Sturgeon, Steward, and unknown nee Crealey. Andrew died from an obstruction of the bowel and suffered according to Dr WS Harrison for 2 days. Andrew was buried in Christchurch Cemetery Cooma with his wife and his son Andrew and his wife’s family.

Information supplied by Pam Sturgeon 3.01.11

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