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Jeremiah Smith Jnr
Braidwood 1851
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Jeremiah Smith and Catherine nee Grady
Amos Smith and Mary Ann Palmer nee Ireland

Amos Smith

The Children of Amos Smith and Mary Ann

Cecil Lindon Smith

Grave of Mary Ann Palmer Smith nee Ireland  

William Edward Ireland

Mary Ann Ireland nee O'Connor

Photos supplied by Des Smith [des_pam-at-people.net.au] 4.06.10 and 2.12.11


Cecil Lindon Smith

Lillian Gladys Smith

Amos Howard Smith and Myrtle Elle nee Tilse

Descendants of Jeremiah Smith
Compiled from the new Monaro Pioneers database: 8.06.10
from information supplied by:
Des Smith [des_pam-at-people.net.au] 4.06.10


Descendants Report





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