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Dennis William Sheil
Campbelltown 1817 


Emma Pendergast nee Shiels nee Taylor

Thomas Shiels, Vince (boy), Edward Shiels 1847-1933 and Ted Shiels with baby John. Four generations of Dennis Sheil's family . Edward is the grandson of Dennis Sheil , and son of Emma Pendergast.

Edward Shiels b.1847



Catherine Shiels nee O'Mara
Catherine Shiels grave
Sylvestor Hector O'Mara Shiels
and Thomas Edward Shiels ,
Timothy O'Mara's grandsons.



Panorama shot of Mt Pleasant Station . Mt Pleasant clearly in the background looking towards Dalgety . The photo contains buildings Poplar trees etc....Mt Pleasant straddles the bitumen road. The left Half of the property, Two houses, the shearer's quarters , and the shearing shed and yards are on the left hand side and two houses , machinery sheds, hay shed ,and cemetery are on the right hand side of the road .

Photos supplied by Chris Shiels [christophershiels-at-bigpond.com]

The following photos were supplied by Laurelle Thompson [thomps-at-onthenet.com.au] 23.05.11
Francis James Sheil and Ellen Josephine Hannay.  Wedding Day, 1st July 1901.

Restored copy of same photo

Ellen Josephine Hannay

Ellen (Nell) Sheil nee Hannay with young Ann Frances Sheil (taken about 1905)
Recently widowed Ellen (Nell) Sheil with her three children, Ann Francis on her left with young Frank next to her and Ellen Catherine on her right. Photo taken 1908-1909.
Ellen Catherine Sheil


Francis James Sheil and Violet Mary Quinn - Wedding Day 5/10/1940


Ellen Josephine Sheil nee Hannay - 1940

Ann Elizabeth Sheil

Ann Elizabeth Allport nee Sheil

Emily Mary Allport

Kathleen Anne Allport

Clarence Hewitt Scott


Descendants of Dennis William Sheil

Bob and Anne Norton <banort42-at-snowy.net.au> 20.12.06
Terry Kelly <suzy1945-at-bigpond.net.au>  12.03.07
Recompiled from the new Monaro Pioneers database
after further research by Ian Harvey
and additional material submitted by
Chris Shiels [christophershiels-at-bigpond.com] 15.9.07
Margaret Mulheron [mjmulheron-at-optusnet.com.au] 15.02.08


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