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John Pendergast
c1865, Berrydale
(Last changed Saturday June 23, 2012)


Four of the five sons of John Pendergast
From left to right - Cornelius (Neil), William, John and James
Betty Raffaele clarified the names for me - she is familiar with the picture, as it has been published more than once. The attached picture was scanned from the book 'Mountain Men' by James Cowan, published in 1982, it also appears in a 1968 book 'Pioneers of the Omeo District', by Jane Vince Pendergast.
Can anybody tell us where the original is? Can anybody else confirm this information?
Does anybody have a photo of John and Jane?
Photo from: Ralph Coghill <ralph-at-appita.com.au>


Descendants of John Pendergast

Margaret Mulheron <mjmulheron-at-optusnet.com.au> 20.12.06
Anne and Bob Norton <banort42-at-snowy.net.au>  20.12.06

David Smith
<dvsmithau-at-yahoo.com.au>  12.03.07
Margaret Mulheron <mjmulheron-at-optusnet.com.au> 14.03.07
Recompiled from the Monaro Pioneers database by Ian Harvey:  14/11/07
with additional information supplied by:
Margaret Mulheron [mjmulheron-at-optusnet.com.au] 21.03.08, 2.05.08


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