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James Leslie 
c1859 Bombala
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Genealogy  |  The Davidson Chronicles by Cheryl Moore

From Cheryl Moore [chezem.cm-at-gmail.com] 29.08.11

My name is Cheryl Davidson and I am a great grand daughter of the Eden Whalers and second great grand daughter of Alexander Walker Davidson and Jane Simpson. I notice on the Monaro Pioneers website that you have a fair amount of input from descendants of the 'Leslie' family from Bombala and Eden. It seems to me that the current descendants of the 'Leslies' are not aware that they are related to the Eden Whaling Davidson family.

When Alexander Walker Davidson and his wife Jane Simpson left Scotland in 1841 the only parent of either who was still alive was the mother of Jane Simpson who was Elspet Adams. Elspet Adams and her older sister Marjory Adams were living with James Dunbar Leslie, his wife Margaret Helen Simpson and their children and can be found in the same household on the 1841 census records. Elspet Adams and her sister Marjory Adams both died on the same day in Elgin, Moray Scotland which was 5th April 1845. The Leslie's did not end up in the Eden area by chance. Margaret Helen Simpson the wife of James Dunbar Leslie is the sister of Jane Simpson the wife of Alexander Walker Davidson. James Dunbar Leslie's son Adam Lind Leslie, who was the innkeeper in Eden, named his son Alexander Walker Davidson Leslie after Jane Simpson's husband. Given the significance of both families in the Eden Monaro area I thought this information would be useful to the Leslie descendants.

Descendants of James Dunbar Leslie

Ian Harvey <iansharvey-at-bigpond.com>  10.03.07

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